Are Your Tax Dollars Going to Extremist to Help with Prison Recruiting?

Louis Farrakhan is a black activist and current leader of the Nation of Islam, a black activist political and religious group that started in Detroit.

The Nation of Islam supposedly has between 20,000 to 50,000 ‘core’ members with many more fringe members who usually show up for demonstrations and such.

The motto of the Nation of Islam is ‘Justice or Else’ which clearly shows that it is more of a political activist group than religious.

Since Barack Obama occupied the White House, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam has secured over $350,000 of federal funding for their so-called prison ministry.

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The Lid – Slime-bag Louis Farrakhan Is Getting Cash From U.S. Government – Ladies and Gentleman, your tax dollars at work! Our federal government has been paying the Nation Of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan to teach religious study programs in federal prisons.  Per the Washington Examiner, “the Nation of Islam and its leaders have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the U.S. government since 2008… Its leaders have received at least $364,500 in contracts and awards from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice between fiscal 2008 and fiscal 2019.

The funding was designed to provide “Nation of Islam religious services,” “Nation of Islam spiritual guide services,” “Nation of Islam study services,” and other related programming led by the organization’s leaders, according to Bureau of Prison records.

Knowing what a scumbag Farrakhan has been, It’s frightening to think what his people might be teaching federal prisoners, perhaps one of these: …

Would you believe that when violence broke out in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 after a white police officer shot and killed da black teen who was physically attacking the officer, Farrakhan was telling parents to teach their kids how to throw Molotov cocktails?

In 2006 speech, Farrakhan spewed his anti-Semitic hatred when he blamed all of the filth coming out of Hollywood on Jews.

Last month, Farrakhan was in Iran chanting ‘death to America’ and ‘death to Israel’ during a celebration of the 1979 Iranian takeover of the US Embassy.

What is Farrakhan and his fellow Nation of Islam activists doing in prison if not recruiting more members?



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