Are Washington Post Lies Flaming the Fires of Another Civil War?

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To the Washington Post (and Jenna Johnson and David A. Fahrenthold):

The following is a response to your propaganda piece, “Here’s another way candidates copy Donald Trump: Shameless fibbing.”

The two journalists you employed to write this piece of editorial trash on the GOP candidates (and specifically Trump and Carson) serve only to reenforce to Americans that the so called “fact checkers” haven’t the skill-set to check accurately or the willingness to try.

Frankly, I don’t know why I wasted my time reading your trite hit piece designed only to ridicule Americans who support the GOP candidates, but then I’m in the business of reading tripe so I can accurately report back to Americans about the media on

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I can say with complete confidence and truthfulness that this entire piece is nothing less than ad hominem, selective reporting, untruths, all wrapped up in a display of sheer arrogance. The mug shot of Jenna alone reveals the absolute nature of smug conceipt and makes for a very hideous portrait indeed.

But none of what I’m saying here is an earth shattering revelation. Most Americans already know the Washington Post hires liars and partisan hacks to do Hillary’s and the Dems’ dirty work. Dirty work they normally would do themselves, but its much cleaner to have their minions in the national press do it for them.

But what is worth some consideration is in fact the most disturbing and arrogant comment of all in Jenna and David’s hit piece. It is the following:

This dynamic — candidates dodging questions about their honesty and attacking the questioners instead — was much less prominent in the only Democratic debate of the 2016 campaign so far. Front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton’s top challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, effectively shut down such questions for her by rejecting an inquiry about her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state.

To call this comment a farce would be understatement. Not only does it reveal their insincerity, it displays in full view their inability to level with truth about Hillary and her campaign of deception. In other words, by nature they are incapable of reasoning with truth. There is a kind of negative repulsion that takes place when truth and these Washington Post “journalists” collide. They simply can’t stand truth. It is not in their nature.

Of course, all of this is indicative of their partisan commitments. And it is much worse than negligent partisanship. Presenting the so called “lies” of the GOP candidates in a more serious light than the very real national security violations perpetrated by Hillary (who consistently lied about it) shows that these “journalists” are really just accomplices in crime. In fact, the entire lame stream media can be painted with this brush.

As Americans we should ask ourselves a very pressing question: why should anyone ever trust criminals to testify to the truth?

You – as in the larger media establishment and the Washington Post specifically – talk about GOP candidates lying, distorting truth and avoiding your questions, and yet, all we’ve seen from the likes of you is the very thing you accuse Carson and Trump of. You MSM are the liars, the distorters of fact and the ones who avoid public scrutiny.

In fact, what the press has done is so egregious, that if it were ever proven that GOP candidates did lie about Ford, or a scholarship program, Americans would gladly give them pass since they clearly learned such behaviour from the likes Mainstream media.

Since the media love to quote the Bible when it suits them – though they don’t believe a word of the Bible – here’s one for the record:

Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. – Matt 7:1-2

Put another way, you members of the Press are the most guilty of misjudgement and over-judging. You are the most judgemental people of all. And worse still, you accuse others of the very thing you do.

Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? – Matt 7:3

You people have consistently violated the public trust. You have consistently contravened the intent behind the authority the U.S. Constitution affords you as a special profession: the US. Constitution grants members of the press a high calling and a public trust. And thus, you have a responsibility to accurately report on events, people and on the government. Furthermore, in executing this duty you are required by all standards of decency and morality to put your personal petty political pet projects to the side and serve the people of America with integrity and honesty.

Yet, the grand larceny you’ve all committed, the theft you are guilty of is in stealing our trust. You lie about other people, you cover up your lies, you avoid real public scrutiny. And when you are called out on it, called out on your gross acts of professional misconduct, you point fingers at others.

To quote from the same passage:

Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. – Matt 7:4-5

Accusing the GOP candidates of lying and then using the smoke screen line: “The GOP should be forthcoming with answers since they are running for the highest office in the land”only implicates you further as hypocrites.

As members of the U.S. Press you were given this role not by public oversight, public election or by any public airing of your opinion, beliefs or loyalties. And what have you done with this trust? How have you behaved? The evidence of your treachery and negligence stares us in the face daily. And yet, you have the temerity to accuse GOP candidates of lying and avoiding your questions?

You brazen deviants! You hypocrites! You brood of vipers!

Millions of Americans are finally waking up. We are now hoping, praying and working to see institutions like yours crash and burn on the ash heap of economic ruin.

And by way of comparison, you should know that in the eyes of millions of American’s you people are every bit as evil as the Islamic hordes that threaten the West. In fact, in some ways you are worse. You are the enemy within. An evil cancerous enemy that needs to rooted out.

Mark these words very carefully. When civil war erupts in the U.S. because Progressive Propagandists like the two who write for the Washington Post, and media institutions like the Washington Post and the New York Times – who are all guilty of flaming the fires of unrest – when the war between the factions of truth, justice and freedom (American Patriots) and the Progressive Enemies erupts, you progressives will all look back on this day and campaign season and say: “Would that we had repented then when we were warned!”

How can you escape the judgement that awaits you!


To all of you who would like to issue your own warning here is the email address for both writers responsible for this piece of lying propaganda. While it won’t change who they are, everyone should let them know exactly what we the people think of them.

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Tristan Emmanuel
Tristan Emmanuel is director of development and contributing editor at BarbWire. He is also co-publisher and CFO of BarbWire Books - a publishing company dedicated to promoting both the biblical worldview and Christian and conservative authors. Emmanuel is CEO of He is also the author of two books Christophobia: The Real Reason Behind Hate Crimes Legislation and Warned: Canada’s Revolution Against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America. Emmanuel holds a Master’s of Theology from McMaster Divinity School. He also loves to sing classical music.

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