Are Churches in America Dying?

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Are churches in America dying? That’s the first question in an article written by Jerry Newcombe. Jerry Newcombe is an individual who worked closely with Dr. D. James Kennedy. And he interviewsDr. Ed Stetzer, head of research for LifeWay of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Mat Staver: Matt, kind of like the myth that has been perpetuated in the past, the God is dead myth. Remember that? Where it actually came out on a major magazine that “God is dead.” That was the title of it. Well, you know what? God is not dead and He sits and laughs at those who think that they know it all. And in fact, Christianity is alive and well, not just here in the United States, but around the world.

Now, we certainly do need a revival, a renewal in this country. But the question is “are churches dying?” and that’s the question that was addressed by Dr. Jerry Newcombe in this interview published in

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Matt Barber: Well, and Jerry interviewed Dr. Stetzer about a poll on American Christianity that was released about six months or so ago and it was by Pew Research. And the media lobbed onto it and ran with it to try and perpetuate the myth that somehow Christianity is dying on the vine in the United States of America. And Dr. Stetzer points out that people misinterpreted, he thinks some intentionally, the polls’ findings to try to indicate that the church is in a virtual freefall…

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