Appointment of Whitaker as ACTING Attorney General is Legal Says DOJ

It’s widely known that not everyone in the Department of Justice like President Donald Trump.

For the past year and half, Trump has repeatedly blasted the DOJ on a variety of matters, which has ruffled more than a few feathers within the department.

When President Trump announced that he was making Matthew Whitaker, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Chief of Staff, the Acting Attorney General, a number of Democrats claimed the appointment was illegal and that Whitaker was not qualified to hold the position.

In what has to be a devastating piece of news for Democrats, the Legal Counsel of the Department of Justice has ruled that in fact, the appointment is legal and that Whitaker is qualified to hold the position.

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Fox News –  Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general is legal and he’s qualified – The Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel made the right call Wednesday when it issued a legal opinion upholding President Trump’s authority to appoint Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general outside the line of succession, replacing fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Whitaker’s appointment has been sharply criticized by Democrats, but despite the partisan sniping he has shown he has the experience and priorities that an effective attorney general needs.

The former prosecutor and former tight end for the Iowa Hawkeyes undoubtedly holds conservative legal views. But more importantly, Whitaker has demonstrated a deep respect for the rule of law throughout his career, and we can expect him to do the same in his current role.

The president’s critics won’t tell you any of this, of course. They’d rather distract you from Whitaker’s qualifications and derail him from serving as acting attorney general by claiming that the president acted unconstitutionally in appointing Whitaker, rather than appointing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to follow that standard order of succession and replace Sessions on an acting basis…

Democrats were horrified when Trump made Whitaker the Acting AG because Whitaker has been such an outspoken critic of Robert Mueller and his witch hunt investigation of Trump.

Democrats immediately believed that Whitaker would fire Mueller or force the end of the investigation, so they made all kinds of accusations, including saying the appointment of Whitaker was illegal and unconstitutional.

To be honest, Whitaker is more qualified to be the Acting Attorney General than Barack Obama was to be the leader of the nation, but didn’t matter to Democrats.

I hope that Whitaker DOESN’T fire Mueller, but do hope that he gives Mueller a deadline sometime soon to end the investigation.




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