Appearing Before Mueller Grand Jury Like being at Guantanamo Bay Says Carter Page

There is no doubt that Special Counsel Robert Mueller went after Donald Trump and everyone associated with him with the tenacity of a hungry shark.

Although his original purpose was only to investigate Russian election interference and possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump and his campaign, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave Mueller a very long leash to investigate far beyond the original intent of the Special Counsel probe.

In the process, he dug up other allegations and indictments that were unrelated to the task he was given.

During the process, it was learned that former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was the subject of the illegally obtained FISA warrant.

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Page has stated that being in front of the Mueller grand jury was like being interrogated at Gitmo.

Washington Examiner – Carter Page says Mueller is worse than Mussolini, Saddam, and Gadhafi – Carter Page, the former Trump campaign adviser who was suspected by the FBI of being a Russian spy, has written a foreword to an e-book version of the Mueller report, calling it “propaganda” and comparing his time in front of the Mueller grand jury to being at Guantanamo Bay.

Written in hyperbolic terms, Page compares the 448-page report put together by special counsel Robert Mueller, and lightly redacted by Attorney General William Barr, to the propaganda pushed by some of modern history’s worst dictators. And he blasts what he sees as a politically motivated “witch hunt” targeting himself and President Trump.

Venting his frustrations, Page wrote: “In Italy, Mussolini had his autobiography. In Libya, Gadhafi widely distributed his Green Book both to the masses, in the national media and even with featured quotes on billboards throughout the country. Iraq’s tyrannical Saddam Hussein wrote a series of novellas.” Benito Mussolini, Moammar Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein — and, according to Page, Robert Mueller…

Democrats claim that Mueller found plenty of evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice and claim that Attorney General William Barr was protecting Trump with his take on the obstruction issue.

What Democrats forget is that Mueller not only served as the Director of the FBI, but he also served as the US Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division as well as Acting Deputy Attorney General.

That means that Mueller is fully aware of what is enough evidence to warrant charges of obstruction of justice and that his saying there is not enough evidence to warrant that charge that there really isn’t enough evidence, especially since it was obvious that Mueller was out to nail Trump with anything possible.



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