AOC Outraged Over Result of Socialist Minimum Wage

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a typical young misguided and hypocritical socialist.

She constantly harps and complains about the evils of capitalism while at the same time, enjoying the many benefits capitalism provides.

In her short three-month tenure in the House, she has complained about every one and every thing including fellow Democrats.

In her latest tirade, she is complaining about the price of croissants at LaGuardia airport, and blaming it on capitalism.

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She obviously has no concept of business or understanding that airport stores and eateries often have to charge higher prices to pay the high rent imposed on them by the airport.

Legal Insurrection – Croissant-gate: Ocasio-Cortez outraged by inhumane cost of capitalist croissants at LaGuardia Airport – Monday, outraged (scream emoji and all) by croissant prices at LaGuardia airport, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez tweeted thusly:

For serving a croissant? Yes. Yes, I do think $15 is incredibly generous for putting a pastry in a bag.

Per usual, her point fell flat and was subjected to mockery internet-wide. The good folks at the Free Beacon noted that LaGuardia already has a $15 minimum wage in place and that croissants are much cheaper, should you venture to terminal C.

In reality, LaGuardia Airport in New York already has a $15 minimum wage. Andrew Kerr of the Daily Caller pointed out that LaGuardia has a higher minimum rate than the target number of most progressives. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved a $19 minimum wage for many LaGuardia workers in September 2018. According to the New York Times, it is “the highest minimum wage target set by any public agency in the country.” …

AOC seems to be unable to link cause and effect together.

Democrats, like herself, push for higher minimum wage which forces businesses to charge higher prices in order to pay the higher minimum wage.

What Ocasio-Cortez fails to understand is that her own socialist Democrats are the real reason why she had to pay $15 for a croissant, but like other Democrats, she readily places the blame on the wrong people, proving both her ignorance and hypocrisy.



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