AOC Lashes Out at Socialist FDR, at Reagan and Moderates

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in office for barely two months and in that short time, she has managed to attack everything good and even many not-so-good things about America and the Americans behind them.

Naturally, she has attacked America’s way of free enterprise and capitalism which is what helped to make America the prosperous nation it is (or was).

She has attacked President Donald, Republicans and conservatives.

She has displayed her immature ignorance on a number of important issues and on history.

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In her latest rantings, she has attacked moderates, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt who promoted and pushed many socialist policies and she is attacking former President Ronald Reagan, calling him a racist who divided the nation.

Fox News – Ocasio-Cortez, at SXSW, blasts FDR, Reagan and capitalism, says political moderates are ‘meh’ – U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed political moderates at the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals in Austin, Texas, calling their views “misplaced” as she defended her progressive politics in a room full of supporters.

“Moderate is not a stance. It’s just an attitude towards life of, like, ‘meh,’” the New York Democrat said Saturday during an interview with Briahna Gray, senior politics editor for the Intercept. “We’ve become so cynical, that we view ‘meh,’ or ‘eh’ — we view cynicism as an intellectually superior attitude, and we view ambition as youthful naivete when … the greatest things we have ever accomplished as a society have been ambitious acts of visions, and the ‘meh’ is just worshipped now, for what?”

The self-declared Democratic socialist also criticized the treatment of minorities throughout American history, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, which she claimed was racist, to Ronald Reagan’s policies, which she said “pitted” white working class people against minorities in order “to screw over all working-class Americans,” particularly African-Americans and Hispanics…

In the warped and socialist twisted mind of Ocasio-Cortez, all white people are guilty because of the color of their skin.

Everyone who has worked long and hard to be successful is guilty for being a hardworking success.

Everyone who believes in the American way or is patriotic is guilty of being blind, coldhearted, uncaring, hateful bigots.

Everyone who does not agree with her adherence to extreme socialist ideas is also an evil person.

Does the word delusional fit here?



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