Anti-Trump Spanish Univision Scares Hispanics Using Fictional Video Game Soldier in Anti-Border Message

Have you ever wondered why Mexico has never done very much to stop or discourage their citizens from entering the United States?

It’s simple, really.

Most of the Mexicans and other Latin Americans illegal crossing into the United States are either poor, criminals or gang members.

What nation wouldn’t want to get rid of their criminals and violent gang members as well as their poor who are a burden on their home country?

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It’s like sweeping up the trash and dumping it in someone else’s yard or home.

After President Donald Trump’s strong border security statement made during his State of the Union, Univsion, one, if not the, largest Spanish speaking network in North America has launched a campaign to frighten Hispanics and they are using a fictional video game soldier to do it.

The National Sentinel – Univision newscast uses video game soldier to SCARE Hispanic viewers over POTUS Trump’s border security proposal – The Arizona affiliate of Spanish-speaking network Univision featured a story about POTUS Donald Trump’s border security objectives that was pure propaganda aimed at scaring the Hispanic population the station serves.

Featured in the broadcast was a sinister-looking bearded military character recognized by millions of gamers: Blackbeard, of the Rainbow Six game series.

Yes, that’s right, Hispanic Arizonans; a fictional Navy SEAL — or operatives like him — are preparing to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border, heavily armed and under instructions from the president to shoot any illegal crosser on sight.

Or, at least, that’s certainly the image Univision Arizona is trying to portray.

As reported by GamersRD, the president’s requested border wall funding has become one of the most controversial political issues of the day, with (most) Republicans favoring additional wall money and the vast majority of Democrats opposed to it…

What Univision is doing is no different than when American sewagestream media pushes their fake news stories just to smear and injury President Trump.

It’s no different than when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats, stands up and tells everyone that Trump hates all immigrants, which is a blatant lie.

Throughout the annals of history, you will find that many leaders who try to do what it right and lawful, are always the subjects of lies, slander, and malignment.

Scripture also tells us that people who love evil hate the truth and those who try to do what is right.



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