Anti-Family Anti-Conservative Network Losing Millions of Subscribers

When I was younger, anything Disney stood for family and conservative values, but like the Boy Scouts and others, Disney today has turned and now caters to the anti-family and anti-conservative leftists.

Besides the famous vacation destinations bearing the name of Disney, the company has grown and expanded to include a number of networks and channels.

Their liberalism helped them build a massive empire with millions of followers and subscribers.

However, it’s possible that the same liberalism that helped them become so powerful may the cause of their current decline.

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Breitbart – ESPN Loses 2 Million Subscribers This Year – According to Disney’s recently released annual report, sports network ESPN has lost 2 million domestic subscribers over the course of 2018.

Disney’s report revealed that the company’s sports network, ESPN, currently has 86 million subscribers. This is down two million from the 88 million subscribers to the sports commentary and news station in 2017.

ESPN wasn’t the only Disney-owned network to lose subscribers this year: The Disney Channel went from 92 million subscribers in 2017 to 89 million subscribers in 2018, while Freeform fell by two million subscribers to 90 million, and Disney Junior and Disney XD both lost approximately three million subscribers.

The network’s declining subscriber counts, based on estimates by Nielsen Media Research, indicate that the growing popularity of online streaming services and internet live streaming products such as YouTube Live and Hulu have resulted in a decline in traditional television network subscriptions. Disney is attempting to alleviate this issue with the launch of their own online streaming service, Disney Plus, expected to be launched in 2019…

The drop in subscribers to ESPN is no big surprise, especially since ESPN has punished some of the conservative commentators and broadcasters while allowing liberal ones to spew their filth.

ESPN has also supported the unpatriotic and disgusting displays of professional football players and they supported the NFL’s refusal to take appropriate action against their employees (players) for their un-American behavior.

Additionally, many families I know have left Disney because of their open support of anti-family and anti-Christian LGBT activism.

Hopefully, millions more will unsubscribe from Disney and boycott the company, as the only thing that will make them take notice is the loss of revenue.



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