Anti-Christian Refugees

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Refugees admitted into the US: 53 Syrian Christians to 2,098 Syrian Muslims.

Despite the proclamation by President Obama that there is no religious litmus test, the numbers say otherwise. Even though it has been Christians who have been singled out for the worst persecution under ISIS, including beheadings and torture of women and children, since 2011, only 53 Christians have been offered refuge in the United States.

Obama railed not against the terrorists, but against his critics who stand against admitting people that the F.B.I. has said cannot adequately vetted.

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Let those who represent you know, “We must stop the anti-Christian bigotry, and help refugees without putting our nation at risk.”

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Janet Porter
Janet (Folger) Porter is President and Founder of Faith2Action, the nation’s largest network of pro-family groups. Janet authored the first Heartbeat Bill to legally protect unborn babies with detectible heartbeats which inspired Arkansas and North Dakota's Heartbeat Laws--the most protective pro-life laws in the nation. She has authored five books including: The Criminalization of Christianity and hosts a daily radio commentary heard in more than 300 markets. You can follow her on Twitter @Faith2Action.

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