Anti-Christian Bigotry: The Left’s New Normal

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Conservative pundit Dana Loesch and former Democratic congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich were on The Kelly File this past Friday to discuss twin brothers and real estate magnates Jason and David Benham. The two brothers’ planned reality program was canceled by HGTV after the left-wing extremist blog RightWingWatch, a project of the anti-Christian group “People for the American Way,” attacked the brothers for publicly expressing, in love, the clear Biblical Christian position on the sins of abortion and homosexual behavior. Additionally, Loesch and Ehrlich debated an equally intolerant and shocking move by SunTrust Bank to pull all of the Benhams’ listed properties and sever business ties. Fortunately, public outrage against the company for this anti-Christian move apparently caused SunTrust to quickly reverse course.

This did not sit well with Ehrlich. She defended Sun Trust’s original decision to sever business ties with the brothers, saying, “I think that’s fully within the right of SunTrust to do, depending on the contractual agreement they had with the brothers.” She was not happy that SunTrust reversed course. “What’s sad and disturbing is that really, what you have here, are two attention-seeking reality television wanna-be-appearing brothers who have an extreme agenda and are trying to cloak it in this sort of religious freedom characterization and using that as a way to get their own business and drive that and I find that disturbing.”

Dana Loesch interrupted, calling Ehrlich exactly what she is: an anti-Christian bigot. She unleashed a verbal smack down against Ehrlich that literally left the clearly outmatched woman’s voice quivering.

“There is no anti-Christian bigotry here!” snapped Ehrlich. “They have cloaked their political views, which are radical in the — these are not Christian views.” She added, “They have taken their anti-choice — they are anti-abortion and they are anti-homosexuality and those are their positions. Those are not the views of all Christians. And for you to say that is outrageous.”

A Biblical theologian Ms. Ehrlich clearly is not. The position the Benham brothers have articulated in the past on the sins of infanticide and homosexual immorality are in perfect keeping with the unambiguous condemnation of these sins throughout both the Old and New Testaments. The brothers have beautifully expressed Christ’s “love the sinner, hate the sin” model and have spoken truth in love on these issues.

This is the left’s new normal. They “call evil good and good evil.” Christians are the last remaining fair-game targets for genuine discrimination in America and the Left’s anti-Christian bigotry is reaching critical mass.

Even so, the Benham brothers remain undaunted. They’ve made it clear that, no matter how much anti-Christian hate they face, they will continue to speak truth. The two men are tremendous role models for children and teens across America – for all people, whether Christians or non-believers. They’ve reacted to the Left’s new fascism with style, grace, love and forgiveness. God bless Jason and David Benham.

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