Anti-American Socialist Governor of New York Signs Bill to Allow Gun Confiscation

Socialist Democrats are dead set on disarming the American people.

They have been busy chipping away at our Second Amendment rights with one law after another.

One of their current effective tools is to use the guise of domestic violence to pass laws allowing for anyone to be raped of their Second Amendment rights.

One of the top socialist Democrat governors in all of America, Andrew Cuomo, was happy to sign the state’s red flag law, which will undoubtedly be used to confiscate firearms from a number of law abiding citizens.

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One America News Network – N.Y. Governor Signs ‘Red Flag’ Gun Bill, Will Allow Guns To Be Taken From Homes – Police will soon have the right to take guns away from citizens in New York State if a judge decides they could hurt themselves or others. This notion is the highlight of the bill signed into law by the state’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by his side.

The law will allow family members, law enforcement as well as administrators and teachers in schools to report individuals, including students, to a judge.

Cuomo boasted this is the first ‘red flag’ bill of its kind in the country to include school officials. He stood before supporters at a college in New York City to celebrate. While addressing the audience, Cuomo slammed the president’s idea to arm teachers.

“Arm the teacher, so when the bad person comes into the classroom there can be a shootout in the classroom — I mean it is really ludicrous and nonsensical,” he stated…

Many of these so-called red flag laws are written so that anyone can make any false complaint about anyone else for whatever reason and that person will have their guns and ammunition confiscated.

An angry girlfriend or wife can tell authorities that they are afraid of their boyfriend or husband, just out of anger or vengeance and in swoop the police and there goes the guns.

Another example is that an anti-gun new neighbor can learn that one of their neighbors is a hunter and can tell authorities that they are afraid of their neighbors because of their guns and poof, there goes the guns.

Red flag laws are very dangerous and can easily be misused and abused just to disarm as many people as possible.



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