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The great question of the day is whether or not Americans will rally to the call, restore this country to greatness, and confront the terrible evils of our time, as did our forebears, over and over.  The election this November will be a tremendous turning point, for good or ill.

The most crippling reality we face is the vicious divisiveness we have brought upon ourselves.  Half the country believes America is fatally flawed, that our values and faith traditions are outmoded, that capitalism is the great evil, and intervention overseas is only cover for conquest.  The other half holds to traditionalism, fighting off waves of attacks on founding principles and civil liberties, so preoccupied with defense, mustering a strong offense is nearly impossible.

Combine all this with a collapsing economy, serial scandals, moral decay, multiple crises around the world, and little wonder people are outraged and fearful, even immobilized.   Our leaders are corrupt, ignorant, self-serving sellouts for the most part.  The pulpits are silent, or compromised.  False prophets rule.

We have a triple-minded egomaniac in the White House. He has no loyalties.  He bears no resemblance to the patriot.  He is a dishonest man, so weak and divisive he has made a mockery of the presidency and American influence.  Enemies laugh, thumb their noses, and attack, even as he tries buying them off sending money and weaponry.  He appears to enjoy watching America fall apart, doing the opposite of what is required for economic revival.  Many say he is exacting these destructive measures purposefully to accomplish his ‘fundamental transformation.’  We hired our own executioner, and the majority of people seem to be awakening to this fact if, polls are accurate.

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The majority does not trust government. We suspect elections are rigged. Sadly, too many have been persuaded to distrust our history or our guiding principles, and worse, we do not trust one another.  One writer recently reported a heartbreaking scene.  At a major league game, only half the crowd stood for the anthem.

What started 100 years ago has now borne fruit.  Systematic efforts to subvert and demoralize America by any number of communists, secularists, atheists and other control freaks has become largely successful.  It is a terrible thing, watching a once-great nation crumble before your eyes.  The enemy within has his hands around the throat of Lady Liberty, and he is literally squeezing the life out of her.

  • Sharia is advancing: terrorism increases.
  • The demoralization process accelerates: the country has become a rerun of Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Enemies physically invade the country without restrain, plotting atrocities.
  • Government is bloated, useless, little more than a giant parasite stealing from one citizen to give to another.
  • The military has been slashed and demoralized and compromised.
  • We are bankrupt and headed for an unprecedented financial crash.
  • Friends don’t trust us, enemies escalate.
  • There is no good news, and little hope in many hearts.

We need a miracle.

Fortunately, the God of Love specializes in miracles.

In that light, the truly great question is whether or not Americans will seek His face, beg His forgiveness, and ask for that miracle.

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