Angel Mom Blasts Corporate Hypocrisy

America is experiencing the longest government shutdown in history and it is taking its toll, financially on 800,000 federal workers, who haven’t seen a paycheck in about a month.

A number of corporations have stepped forward with various kinds of help for those federal employees.

Some corporations have offered free food and other supplies to furloughed federal workers.

That may sound great and humanitarian, but Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney says it’s hypocritical, considering the treatment she got from corporations after her son was murdered by an illegal alien.

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Instead of reaching out and helping her, they charged for everything, including just being present at the opening and closing of the ground where he was buried.

Breitbart – Exclusive– Angel Mom: Unlike Federal Workers, Corporate America ‘Gave Me Nothing’ When Illegal Killed My Son – Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney is blasting the hypocrisy of U.S. corporations who have vowed to help furloughed federal workers during the government shutdown, saying she “never” received an ounce of help when her son was murdered by an illegal alien.

Banks, wireless phone companies, and restaurants have set up hotlines where furloughed federal workers can call and receive help during the government shutdown as House and Senate Democrats refuse to fund a border wall to stop illegal immigration.

Gibboney — whose 29-year-old son Ronald Da Silva was killed by an illegal alien in 2002 in El Monte, California — says that help from corporate America was never extended to her when she lost her son…

Gibboney and many other Angel Moms and Dad who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens support President Donald Trump and his desire to build a border wall and to stop illegal immigration.

These parents and families have paid the ultimate cost of the anti-American policies of Democrats and it’s hard for them to understand why Democrats don’t want to protect America and other Americans from having to go through what they have.

Frankly, I believe that it will take the Democrats to become victims of illegal alien violence before they will see what’s happening and what needs to be done to stop it.

In the meantime, Gibboney is right in that if these corporations were truly compassionate, then they would reach out and help Angel Moms like Gibboney.



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