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Islam is on the move. Emboldened by a weak and even supportive American president, the promised attacks on anyone not Muslim has begun. It doesn’t matter if they are French or American, the victims are not Muslim and that’s all that matters.

While I hate to even think it, our future, at least the immediate future, now is in the hands of the French and the Russians. Remember, ISIS also claims to have shot down a Russian commericial airliner killing all on board and evidence being found seems to back up their claim. Big mistake on their part. Russia is not America and Putin is absolutely not Barack Obama. Putin will make them pay for what they have done. We may not hear about it, but ISIS will learn never to screw around with the Russians again. Obama will talk, wiggle his finger at them and make excuses for Islam which is what he has done for seven long years and Russia is more than happy to take over the job of trusted friend to our allies who no longer trust us.

I’ve heard it said that Americans are sick of war. That’s why many have turned a blind eye to the crimes of Islam, just sort of hoping it will all go away. It won’t. Americans and indeed the world, must understand that Islam has been at war since the Crusades, we in the West just didn’t realize it. So America, get over it. Buck up guys, we are at war, have been at war and will continue to be at war until we deal with the enemy and treat them as what they are: The Enemy. They are not “misguided” youth. It doesn’t matter if they are a minority within Islam. The Nazi’s were a minority in Germany and look what they were able to do. Those who sit in silence are just as guilty as those who blow themselves up in a children’s ice cream shop or execute people at a rock concert in Paris.

Since the Crusades, we made advances in science and math, medicine and space travel. Islam grew, spread, multiplied, occupied and re-armed. Islam invaded the political aspects of some countries and just rampaged and murdered to take over others. In London the most popular boys name is Mohammed. For a hundred years, Hamtramck, Michigan was a Polish-Christian community. Then the Muslims started moving in. Now, instead of church bells on Sunday morning, you hear the call to prayer being blasted from the mosques all over the city. The political structure of the town is now majority Muslim. Hello Sharia law as soon as they figure out a way to get away with it. This is how they win in countries they can’t beat by using their preferred method of butchery and force.

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All the while, from the moment of birth, Muslims are taught that it is Islam’s destiny to rule the world. Mohammed has said this and Allah demands it. They are indoctrinated into the belief that anyone not Muslim is inferior, unclean, and sub-human. They are also taught that any fellow Muslim that does not feel this way, is not a true Muslim and needs to convert to true Islam or die with the rest of the infidels because they are weak.

My heart goes out to the French people. As an American I certainly know how they feel. However, grieve quickly and prepare for what is to come because there is more coming. Don’t lose the anger you have right now because it will serve you well in the future. Remember always that Islamic terrorists thrive on fear so don’t be afraid, stay angry. This is why they attack the innocent. This is why they attack unarmed civilians and children in schools and teenagers at concerts. The killing is easy and yes, for them, fun. They have been taught that the more they kill for Allah the better their “paradise” will be when they die.

As for America, I have no idea if ISIS will wait for their friend Obama to leave office before attacking or not. He is weak and that is disgusting to them and ISIS seems to be a younger and more impatient lot than Al Qaeda was. But it’s possible that there is a deal in place to let Obama get out of office and be replaced by a much more aggressive Republican president so he can get the blame for the attack. Would Obama make such a deal with the enemy? Of course he would. He doesn’t see them as the enemy. He never has.

Should we be concerned about refugees from Syria? Probably, but it’s far to late now to stop terrorists or the attack they have planned. They are already here, the plan is already in place and it’s just a matter of time before it’s carried out. Some were born here, others have come over the Mexican border with the unending flow of illegals encouraged by progressives like Obama and Pelosi. America is an open country and it’s easy for terrorists to gain entry.

The news people are saying there is an open threat to Washington D.C. Some place like Los Angeles or Chicago or Seattle would be a much easier target. Islamic murderers will target schools, eating places, malls and concerts. They will target anywhere there are crowds, youth or children and they can just walk in and start killing. It’s what they do best. The younger the targets the better. Islamic terrorists do not fare well against soldiers, which is why they avoid them and head for small children. Nothing amuses Islamic terrorist leaders more than watching panic-stricken parents looking for their children when there has been an attack by Islamic minions.

What to do about them? Actually, it’s quite easy. We tell our Arab “friends” like the Saudi’s or the Jordanians or the Turks to take them out, NOW. Give Islamic leaders a brief time to get their terrorist friends under control or to eliminate them. If they do not, if they cannot control their own, the carpet bombing will begin of any and all places we feel ISIS or any other Islamic terror group is hiding out. There is much to be said for carpet bombing. It has won wars for us in the past and can again. It’s cheap and very effective. The Russians won’t like it, but they won’t start WWIII over it. If they are that intent on keeping that little weasel puppet in charge in Syria, take him to Russia until his country is leveled, then he can come back and Russia can help him rebuild. Once all the terrorists are dead, the refugees can all go home and take back their country.

In WWII, the Germans bombed London nightly and the Brits survived. We bombed Berlin and just about every other German city to the ground and the Germans survived. The Middle East will survive, there will just be a lot fewer terrorists living there. And if they want start up again, we can just repeat the lesson. We have a lot of bombs and bombers to drop them.

If that doesn’t stop them, there are other targets that can be considered that just might get some Muslims nervous enough to send in their troops to stop the madness. Perhaps the Imams will stop preaching terrorism at daily prayer and start preaching a little more tolerance for non-Muslims. Mecca could be a justifiable target if Islam doesn’t take steps to stop this killing being done in the name of Islam that they seem willing and happy to allow to continue and even quietly encourage. Some even fund terrorism while smiling at us telling us how concerned they are. Rubbish. Time to stop playing word games and holding hands. Terrorism ends or the religion responsible for it ends. It’s their choice. And just once more for effect, our military is not meals on wheels. It was developed over years to kill people and break things and they are very effective when they don’t have their arms tied behind their backs by politicians.

As for Obama, don’t expect him to do anything to stop an attack on America. He will do nothing. When it happens, if it happens on his watch, he will make excuses, blame America, Republicans, the “radical right” and do nothing. It seems to be what he does best. We are on our own until we have a real president in office. So America, my advice to you is do what WE THE PEOPLE do best: Lock and Load.

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Barbara J. Stock
Barbara Stock is a retired RN who is strongly pro-life at both ends of life's journey. Christian and conservative and proud of it. Mother of two grown sons and Grandmother of two. Barb has had two of her past columns picked up by Rush Limbaugh and one by Glen Beck. Absent from writing for a few years, she is back and has a lot to say.

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