And Now for Something Really Different – French Anti-Semitism (Please Note the Sarcasm)

Why am I not surprised?

The neo-anarchist Yellow Vest protests in France increasingly include displays of anti-Semitism – which has been fashionable in La Belle Pays since at least the Middle Ages but is given new impetus by the country’s rising Muslim population.

The Yellow Vest revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s ruinous anti-global warming taxes – while understandable — has included an upsurge of anti-Semitism. (Any excuse to stick it to les Juifs.)

A banner displayed on a Parisian overpass called Macron a “who_ _ of the Jews.” Some protestors have referred to him as “President Rothschild.”

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Macron is as anti-Israel as any European leader. When Netanyahu visited France last year, the clueless globalist told him that “people died” because the U.S. Embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

Of course, Palestinians will use any excuse to kill Jews.

It was anti-Semitic riots during the Dreyfus Affair (circa 1894) that provided impetus for 19th century Zionism. Hearing cries of “Kill the Jews” by Parisian mobs caused Theodor Herzl to write “Der Judenstaat”

The resistance notwithstanding, France was more collaborationist than occupied during World War II.

The Vichy government helped the Nazis to deport 72,500 French Jews to their deaths.

Ironically, it was the Italian Army of Hitler’s ally Mussolini that saved Jews during the Holocaust.

When Vichy authorities demanded that the Italians aid them in hunting down Jews in the Italian zone of occupation in Southern France, an Italian General refused, saying that to do so would “offend the honor of the Italian Army.”

As compensation for colonialism, successive French governments have opened the floodgates to Muslim immigration, which has led to the inevitable.

Islam is now the fastest growing religion in France. There are estimated to be more mosques than churches in Southern France. This the Yellow Vests don’t protest.

The largest Jewish population in Europe (estimated at half-a-million) is under siege on every front. Israel defends itself, and the Jews are attacked.

The government increases fuel taxes and cuts subsidies, and the Jews are attacked.

The Muslim presence grows, and the Jews are attacked. Nothing much happens, and the Jews are attacked.

What was that about liberty, equality and the other thing?



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