An Introduction to the Heart of Clerk Kim Davis

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The Rowan county clerk, Kim Davis, is an amazing individual. People that have bad things to say about her just have not spent any time with this woman of faith.

Mat Staver: Matt, Kim Davis is an amazing individual. She did not envision herself being in this situation. she would rather not be in the situation she’s in. But that’s where she is and, in her wildest imagination would not have envisioned that she would be the center of attention and focus.

Right now she recently hit the #1 article on Drudge and on Google News and she’s being talked about and debated on Facebook. Some things are very negative, very nasty, others are very supportive.

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She’s being debated on Twitter. Even presidential candidates are being asked what they think of the situation involving Kim Davis. But she never envisioned herself in this situation. She doesn’t watch all this to see what’s going on. She just doing her job. She’s an individual who’s an amazing woman of faith. But she’s also someone who’s under intense pressure and what’s happening with Kim Davis, not only on the religious liberty side of things, but also in the militant advocacy of the pro-homosexual agenda is something that I think is really revelatory and people need to understand the aggressive, intolerant nature of this agenda.

Matt Barber: Oh Mat, she’s facing, she and her family are facing death threat after death threat. You know, we see the steps to tyranny kind of unfolding in this microcosm of her life and the attacks on Kim Davis and her situation. And really, we need to be praying for her that she would stand firm in her courage. She’s really, she’s a modern day Rosa Parks and standing against tyranny. 

And you’ve seen her ridiculed early on. You’ve seen threatened now with jail time and crazy fines that would ruin her financially. You’ve seen people demanding that she be immediately thrown in jail. I’ve seen some of the comments in the comment sections of articles on this. They literally want her thrown in prison for refusing to disobey God and violate her conscience.

And ultimately, you even have those who are contacting her and her family directly and threatening death upon her!

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