America’s Blue Collar Workers Seeing Higher Wages Due to Fewer Foreign Workers

During the Obama era, record numbers of foreign workers were allowed into the country to take jobs away from American citizens.

According to the terms of such work visas, the foreign workers are only supposed to fill position where too few Americans were available to fill.

However, many reports surfaced where some tech companies were bringing in foreign workers to take the jobs of American workers because the foreign workers worked for less money.

In some cases, the Americans workers were forced train their foreign replacements before finding themselves out of work, but Obama didn’t care.

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Since Trump took office, the number of foreign workers has been reduced, resulting in American blue collar workers not only keeping their jobs, but actually seeing pay increases.

Breitbart – Blue Collar Workers Enjoy Wage Hikes Thanks to ‘Shortage’ of Foreigners – Wage hikes for America’s blue collar and working class can be readily suppressed and choked by importing more foreign workers for employers, the New York Times admits.

In a piece titled, ”Short of Workers, U.S. Builders and Farmers Crave More Immigrants,” the Times admits that President Trump’s tightened “Hire American” labor market through increased immigration enforcement has delivered historic wage hikes to America’s blue collar and working class.

Specifically, in the U.S. construction industry, American workers enjoy a $25.34 average hourly wage today —  six percent more in wage earnings when compared to the year before.

The Times acknowledges the blue collar wage hike as “close to the steepest annual increase since the government started keeping track almost 30 years ago.” …

The main difference between Obama and President Donald Trump is that Obama cared very little about the wellbeing of the American people, whereas most everything Trump does and is trying to do, is for the benefit of the American people.

Democrats in Congress have the same general attitude towards the American people as Obama did, which is a good reason NOT to vote for them.

This is seen by the record number of people, including black Americans, Hispanic Americans and women, working, whereas under Obama, unemployment was 8.0% or higher for 40 consecutive months.

Additionally, like the blue collar workers, most Americans are taking home more money than they did under Obama.



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