American Bar Association Aims to Implement Speech Code Silencing Lawyers

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The American Bar Association has proposed a model rule that would govern the ethics code of all the lawyers. This has to be adopted by the individual states, but it is a scary proposition because it is really a speech code for lawyers. I think it clearly violates the right to freedom of speech.

Mat Staver: Just recently the American Bar Association met for its annual meeting and the ABA has model rules of professional conduct and they govern all the different kinds of ethical requirements that lawyers are supposed to abide by. Now these are now mandatory or binding on any individual, because they’re model rules. But each state then has to adopt its own rules of ethics, professional conduct, and often times they look to the ABA model rules and sometimes they adopt them in total. Sometimes they adopt part of it and modify it for their own particular state.

Well, if they adopt this particular new model code, it, I think, is a serious restriction on the freedom of speech…

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