America Needs Spinal Fusion Surgery to Stand Up Against the Obama Take Down Siege

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Standing up to the bully, taking down the intruder, protecting your home and family with the right words and flair are all scenarios we imagine and dream about doing. We are secretly the heroes, aren’t we?

Just a small problem though. Haven’t you noticed that when you are really confronted with a threatening situation, your cool and well timed remarks, if not punch to the face, only come much too late? Like so many of us, we imagine the brilliant thing we should have said and done much later over coffee.

Welcome to the human condition we all face. Real heroes and game changers usually come from behind and have stepped onto the stage having walked through a sea of failures and ‘almost cool moments.’ Usually, when we find ourselves in the ring facing our giants we hardly feel cool, but rather insignificant and scared.

Snap out of it those of you who can think of what you might do but won’t because you are not important, pretty, or rich enough. Welcome to the club my friends.

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America, you and I all have a story of hardship, testing, and pain. That is what makes us the real game changers and real heroes who do care and who will stand. No one said standing is easy but we must stand and shout out the truth.

I know standing straight is hard because in December I underwent triple spinal fusion surgery of L3, L4, and L5, and removal of 10 large bone spurs up and down my spinal column. I am writing this with a huge back brace on, while in pain and on meds. I still get up. I still pray, plan, and show up.

America…broken up a bit, ever forgetting, over compensating and apologetic at times for her achievements, has entered the ring, boldly preparing for the 2016 fight. Americans in mass and with her ‘outside the box way’ are telling Obama and his allies from hell (Hillary) to ‘bring it.’ We intend to bring it also this time!

Obama continues in his messiah complex to reshape the same old attacks attaching himself to every tragedy and crisis he can find. The last few weeks we’ve seen his ‘redo’ of false empathy and tears for those killed in so many attacks. We were told that this can all be magically improved by controlling more guns, certainly having more background checks and gun control. Empathy this and empathy that.

Thankfully, Trump has had the guts to remind us all that Obama and Hillary created ISIS with years of scandalous arms shipments and millions of dollars in funding. It certainly makes one pause in wonderment how Obama can be so seemingly moved by various shootings in California and schools, yet pretend he has no responsibility for creating ISIS. Yet the facts have long supported Obama and Hillary’s culpability, and the media has known it. Now Trump has finally said it. BRAVO!

This 2016 you and I are in the ring and everything is at stake. Let us all stand up tall with our hand in God’s and see what a little tattered red, white, and blue can do.

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Dr. Laurie Roth
Dr. Laurie Roth hosts a popular and growing national radio talk show called The Roth Show. It airs from 7-10pm PAC Mon-Friday She is known as ‘The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves’ a name given her by her listeners and is also a regularly published commentator and speaker at conservative conferences. In 2010 Laurie was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award by CPAC for breaking a national story on Obama and his many connections with William Ayers.

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