America Needs A Million Kim Davises

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America needs a million Kim Davises, this is the clerk who was in Rowan County, Kentucky.

Mat Staver: Matt, this lady, Kim Davis, is amazing. I’ve had a chance to talk with her a number of times. And she is an incredible woman of faith. she has been forgiven much, she loves much, and she is committed to her Lord because of the fact that she’s had a life-changing experience about 4 and a half years ago. There is literally a before and after Kim Davis.

And there is the old and new Kim Davis. Just like the scripture says, “the old is passed away, in Christ all things are created brand new.” And that’s Kim Davis. She’s been created brand new. It’s just like Jesus says, you gotta be born again…

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Matt, we were talking…Kim Davis is an accidental hero, so to speak. Or she’s an accidental individual who just got thrust into this situation that she never envisioned in her lifetime. and now, she’s just doing her job, just being a committed Christian. She gets focused on this issue of religious freedom and marriage licenses and so forth. She’s become the talk of Facebook, Twitter, politicians are being asked questions about her, she’s gotten death threats…

Matt Barber: Mat, Kim Davis is called by God for a time such as this. That is become very evident to me. She is exhibiting tremendous courage in the face of a level of hate that I think has escalated to a degree I’m not sure I’ve seen before. She’s got the weight of the world crashing down upon her. You know The New York Times, the Mainstream Media as a whole just mocking and ridiculing her and writing these scathing things about her. 

The secular left…the courts, the government, the United States courts and even the Supreme Court. And in the face of it all you can see that she is empowered by the Holy Spirit to stand with peace and grace firm on the Word of God. she is covered by the Armor of God. And this is the civil rights issue of our time, Mat. The attack on religious liberty here in the United States. This is the new civil rights era.

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