America Cannot Stop Homegrown Islamic Terrorism

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The experts interviewed by Reuters and the LA Times paint a dismal picture of the type of murderers that terrorized San Bernardino: the lone wolves.

“Self-radicalization poses a tremendous problem, as it is hardest to detect.”

“…terror networks have become more sophisticated at delivering their messages through social networks, making it easier to lure followers.”

“…this could happen anywhere. This person I’ve known for years is maybe, as we speak, planning to kill me.”

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These Islamic terrorists were completely camouflaged. They were legitimate citizens. They were unremarkable neighbors. And Farook was “an ordinary guy, who was likable, who got along with other people at work.”

They were not on watch lists. There were no criminal records. The immigration process was by the book.

There were no red flags.

Except one.

They were committed, radical Muslims.

The latest news from the Washington Post is painting a picture of a man who was already radicalized well before the attack.

And America is ripe for more such radicals.

Why? Because we do not have the right kind of people or worldview to fully counter the radical claims.

The average American is a person neither fully Left nor fully Right. And they are tolerant — very tolerant. The abortion laws and so-called gay marriage acceptance by too many Americans proves this point.

Such tolerance means accepting Muslims, even radical Muslims, just as long as they are not going to practice their radicalness. But they can promote it.

Such tolerance on the hard Left means not labeling things according to their true nature. That would be prejudice.

That is why marriage has been redefined, and why many Leftist politicians cannot say “Islamic terrorism.” (But they readily label Mid-westerners as bitter, clinging to guns or religion.)

And such tolerance spreads through the schools and churches until people are more concerned about racial profiling instead of their lives, as may have happened in San Bernardino.

Even as we are too tolerant at times, the average American tends to be pragmatic and materialistic. They may even have a spirituality streak in them. But they have no coherent, unifying worldview to counter the propaganda of Islam, even if they do not buy into the tolerance doctrine of the Left.

Pragmatism may slow down Islamic terrorism in the military realm, but it will flounder in the arena of the soul. The average human is religious at heart. And Islam appeals to that religiosity.

America is increasingly secular (even if vaguely spiritual), leaving a void in their souls that will seek out other religions, such as Islam. Materialism has the same problem.

Besides, pragmatism is not a consistent nor reliable way to live life. Following pragmatism could mean leaving America’s borders open because it is more practical to just pass restrictive gun laws. Or it could mean living with a few hundred deaths at a time instead of offending the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Why not? American leaders have put up with killing helpless babies for over forty years. And apparently global warming is a more serious threat than terrorism.

But more importantly, radical Islam feeds upon Muslims. While the vast majority of Muslims worldwide are moderate (for lack of a better word), they are in danger of radicalization.

So far, American politicians are too vested in their lazy pragmatism and cheap tolerance to properly handle this increasingly dangerous brand of Islam.

The many Republican responses to Trump’s recent call for halting all Muslim immigration is proof enough. Instead of arguing the merits of the case, they resort to ad hominems.

The religious nature of radical Islamic terrorism is something most Americans are not equipped to handle. Sure, we can use our policing prowess or our Second Amendment rights. But that may just encourage more lone wolves in the ever-broadening and eternal jihad against the West.

America may slow down homegrown Islamic terrorism, but she will never be able to stop it. Especially if she continues to drink from the dregs of Leftism.

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