How America Can Stop Homegrown Islamic Terrorism

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One political solution to stem the rise of homegrown terrorism is to halt all Muslim immigration. Another solution would be to outlaw Islamic belief the same way racial bigotry is outlawed.

Neither solutions are possible today. Or tomorrow for that matter.

It would take a cultural redefinition of truth and liberty to ever enact such laws.

Instead, stopping homegrown terrorism requires reeducation of the American mind and soul.

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Many Americans have bought into the liberal view of toleration as I summarized in my previous article. Even conservatives have to be reeducated about what true toleration entails.

For many, toleration is an equivocal word. It seems to mean both “putting up with” and “embracing” depending on who is talking. Tolerance for so-called gay marriage is a prime example.

But proper toleration is not embracing or capitulation. How many liberals would tolerate anti-gay laws. The answer is “very few.” Liberals will not capitulate to conservative values and laws if they can get away with it.

Furthermore, toleration of any kind must presuppose a standard. Liberals believe their version of reality is moral and just, and that it meets the standard of truth (yes, even relativists have truth-claims).

The proof of this is the liberal intolerance of conservative values. When it comes to creating cultures or enacting laws, a standard of morality is assumed. This law is right. This culture is wrong.

But too man conservatives agree with liberals: it is wrong to say that a particular culture is wrong. But Muslim culture (Sharia law) is wrong. If their view of women ever become law, conservatives and liberals alike will suddenly agree with me.

But the fact that some culture or law is wrong does not necessitate making it illegal. Not all errors or untruths are equally harmful. That is why there are not laws against gluttony.

But for America to move forward in unison, the public and political debate has to be recast. It is not enough to shout “tolerance not bigotry.” The moral standard defining  tolerance or bigotry must be defined.

One man’s tolerance is another man’s bigotry. The new tolerant gay-laws are proof of that.

But a culture bent on being blind to the deep differences of morality within its own borders cannot fully deal with differences of morality from without. That culture needs to be reeducated in the basic truths of right and wrong or it will continue to consume itself in endless battles.

But even if Americans could be reeducated to approach the terrorist threat from a perspective of morality, it would not be enough.

Their souls need to be saved. Too many Americans claim to believe in God and yet deny Christ is divine or that salvation is all of grace.

They need the Gospel of faith and repentance.

And one practical outworking of more saved souls would mean less attraction to Muslim culture.

And it could mean better laws.

Certainly the history of Christianity in early America is a hopeful sign that a generally Christian populace and laws can maintain more cultural peace.

The right worldview. The right people. That is a good way to counter homegrown Islamic terrorism.

Yet having such does not translate into success. Good Christians can debate on the best policies to counter terrorism. And even if the best policies were enacted, there is no guarantee they will work.

And that is the frustrating truth behind this debate. Even if everything were given to Christians on a silver platter, terrorism could still rear its ugly head.

And that is because we live in a fallen world. Sometimes Christians forget that.

America is not a divinely chosen nation above judgment from God. Too many conservative Christians forget that fact, too.

The best way to overcome homegrown Islamic terrorism is the Second Coming of Christ.

With the temptation from American politics to promise the world, let us not forget that unshakable truth.

But let us not become fatalists either, as Muslims are wont to do. We are called to do the right thing regardless of the outcome. We have the truth. Let us serve the Lord by giving that truth to change minds, one American at a time.

“Duty is ours. Results are God’s.” John Quincy Adams

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