Ambulance Tries To Pick Up Dead Woman For Doctors Appointment

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When paramedics showed up at a man’s house in South West England on Christmas Eve to pick up his wife for dialysis treatment, he was forced to explain his wife had died three months earlier.

Chris Davidson’s wife 57-year-old wife Valerie died in intensive care in September after a decade battling breast cancer, diabetes and leukaemia. But the transport company that had been sending an ambulance to pick her up for routine dialysis treatments apparently did not get the news.

Davidson was shocked when the paramedics showed up on Christmas Eve.

“My wife was ill for quite some time and had to receive dialysis,” Davidson told The Daily Mail. “I used to take her to the hospital myself but then she gradually got so ill that they had to take her in an ambulance.”

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‘It’s bad enough to make a mistake like that on any day, let alone on Christmas Eve,” Davidson added. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

He said the paramedics were apologetic, but the company — Arriva Transport Solutions — was dismissive and simply told him the mistake would not happen again.

“I was in a state of shock that this could have happened, on that day of all days,” Davidson told The Daily Mail.

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