Amazon Bans Pro-Trump Brand of Coffee over Single Taste Complaint

Do you know any one drink or food that 100% of the people worldwide like the taste of?

The answer is an obvious NO because everyone’s genetic makeup and cultural tastes are different.

Someone can make the best tasting chocolate in the world, to them, but there is bound to be someone else who doesn’t like it.

The same is true with coffee.

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Some coffees are stronger, some weak, some are more bitter, some smoother and so on.

Therefore, banning the sale of one brand of coffee due to one complaint about the taste has to do more with the pro-Trump politics of the coffee than the actual taste.

Big League Politics – Pro-Trump ‘Covfefe Coffee’ Brand BANNED From Amazon – The beleaguered pro-MAGA coffee brand has now been completely banned from Amazon, after the website cited a single claim criticizing the coffee’s taste as proof of its low quality.

In communications provided to Big League Politics, Covfefe Coffee reveals it had had its product permanently pulled from Amazon after a single user complained to Amazon about the taste of the coffee. Amazon assumed the product must be expired, and immediately pulled it from the online retail platform.

Responding to Amazon, Covfefe Coffee provided the online retail giant with invoices stating when the coffee was roasted, photographs of the expiration date on a bag, and shipping receipts noting when Amazon received the coffee. The company also pledged to use a more expensive, larger ink to mark its expiration date to avoid any future confusion.

Big League Politics reviewed these documents, which revealed the shipment of coffee was roasted in December of 2018, allowed to rest for a prescribed period, then shipped to Amazon. The bags were marked to expire in January of 2020…

Chances are, if someone had marketed a pro-Obama or pro-Hillary coffee, Amazon would not have banned the sales of it on their platform no matter how many complaints of poor taste there were.

Amazon has long joined the ranks of the liberal left in trying to silence and destroy as many conservatives as possible.

And here is an interesting note – the multi-billionaires who own Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and others like them are all Democrats, when Democrats continue to tell people that the Republican Party is the Party of the rich and Democrats are for the middle and lower class.



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