Amazing Testimony! Regent Dean’s Entire Family Survives Direct Hit from Tornado

A Regent University dean is giving thanks to God for sparing 22 members of his family from a deadly tornado that destroyed his home in Texas last weekend.

Dr. Mitch Land is dean of the School of Communication and the Arts. He was in Texas for the holidays, celebrating with his mother, children and grandchildren.

While he was at the airport to pick up family members, the tornado hit their home in Rowlett. He described to CBN News how his family survived the twister.              

“They all got inside this hallway…all 22 of them crammed into that space, that is acually between the kitchen and the garage, and they crammed in there and my son-in-law hovered over my 82 year-old (mother) …and tried to shelter one of his six children,” he said.

“Doors tried to fly open from the garage and the older grandchildren just held on for dear life onto those doors,” he continued. “One of the almost got sucked out of the house and if any of those kids had not been in that space they might easily have been taken.”

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Land said the children and parents cried out to God as the winds tore part of the roof from their home and gave thanks when the twister left.

Report via CBN News


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