Allegation FBI Used Unethical Method to Entrap Michael Flynn

The FBI is supposed to be the nation’s top, leading and best law enforcement agency.

However, when you have America’s most crooked holder of the White House calling shots, it should be no surprise that the FBI ha been charged with or allegations made against of so much wrong doing before, during and since the 2016 elections.

We know that a number of individuals in the FBI (Strzok, Page and others) conspired to prevent Trump from being elected and then conspired to sabotage his presidency.

Now, allegations are being made that the FBI used unethical methods to entrap Michael Flynn which led to his indictment.

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If true, this further establishes a new normal of operation that utilizes dishonesty and lawlessness to accomplish their goals, regardless of the law.

Natural News – PROOF the FBI used unethical entrapment technique to “catch” Michael Flynn… dishonest, lawless “justice” now the norm in America – The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wants the world to know that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was basically tricked by disgraced former FBI head James Comey into making certain statements before FBI agents, without his attorney present, that eventually resulted in his prosecution as a criminal.

These WSJ editors are calling the situation entrapment, and rightfully so. Comey and two fellow FBI cronies clearly targeted Flynn for questioning, pretending as though they just wanted to have a friendly chat. They then proceeded to bait information out of him without explaining what it was they were actually doing, or revealing that Flynn’s statements could be used against him.

The recent Flynn filing reveals how, on January 24, 2017, Flynn spoke with the two FBI agents in question – the entire meeting having been set up by former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. McCabe apparently compelled Flynn to meet with the FBI agents without a lawyer present, to which Flynn complied…

In fact, many of the allegations of misconduct and law-breaking being made against the Trump administration are the same ones committed by members of the Obama administration but were never legally dealt with.

Members of Obama’s Cabinet violated the Hatch Act and nothing happened, but now there is talk about members of Trump’s administration doing the same thing, only this time they are after heads.

Obama violated the US Constitution when he arbitrarily chose which laws to enforce and which ones not to enforce, and no one said anything.

Obama violated the US Constitution when he arbitrarily made changes to laws passed by Congress but no one said anything.

Yes, lawlessness and unethical actions have become the new norm, but mostly for the Democrats as it’s not allowed for Republicans.



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