Alabama Federal Judge Oversteps Her Jurisdiction

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An Alabama Federal Judge has issued an order attempting to overrule the Alabama Supreme Court. She has no jurisdiction to do so.

Mat Staver: This is the same judge, Judge Judge Callie Granade who issued the original order saying that the Alabama law regarding marriage was unconstitutional. Now she’s issued an order in an attempt to permanently overrule the Alabama Supreme Court. Now understand, this is a Federal District Judge. This is the very first entry to the Federal Court system, the trial level. And now she’s trying to tell the Alabama Supreme Court what to do.

Not even a Federal Court of Appeals can tell a Supreme Court of that state what to do. Those are independent judiciaries and the only entity over the Supreme Court or the Federal Court of Appeals is the United States Supreme Court.

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So, this is another attempt by this judge to literally usurp jurisdiction. We’re still moving forward with the Chief Justice Roy Moore defense. But, Matt, this is just another attempt of judicial activism.

Matt Barber: Judicial activism…it’s judicial imperialism! And it’s a continuation of the constitutional crisis that was created by this ridiculous notion of same-sex marriage in the Obergefell decision where five leftist lawyers in Washington D.C. presumed to deconstruct and reinvent the age-old institution of marriage out of whole cloth…   

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