Al Gore Wrong Again – Greenland Glacier Growing, Not Shrinking

There is a classic children’s story about Chicken Little who runs around telling everyone the sky is falling, the sky is fallen.

Al Gore and his fellow climate changers remind me of Chicken Litter, only they are running around telling everyone that the glaciers are melting and the earth is warning up.

Historically, the earth has warmed, cooled, warmed, cooled and so the cycle has persisted.

Much to the horror of climate change king Al Gore and his minions such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto O-Rourke, NASA images show that a glacier in Greenland that had been shrinking haw now grown in size nearly as much as it had shrunk.

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The Lid – Another Blow Against Climate Change-Major Greenland Glacier Growing (Al Gore In Mourning?) – Now Al Gore will be able to fit in with his Democratic Party friends who are in mourning about the Muller decision. The former V.P. who claims to have invented the internet is in mourning for a different reason. A key glacier in Greenland is growing again after shrinking for several years, according to NASA. In the end, this will cost the former V.P. some cash.

“The Jakobshavn (pronounced YA-cob-shawv-en) glacier around 2012 was retreating about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) and thinning nearly 130 feet (almost 40 meters) annually,” the Associated Press reported. “But it started growing again at about the same rate in the past two years, according to a study in Monday’s Nature Geoscience. Study authors and outside scientists think this is temporary.”

“That was kind of a surprise. We kind of got used to a runaway system,” said Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland ice and climate scientist Jason Box, the AP noted. “The good news is that it’s a reminder that it’s not necessarily going that fast. But it is going.” …

Meteorologist Mike Oard, retired from NOAA, says that the Genesis Flood provided the perfect scenario for the Ice Age, which actually started about 200 years after the Flood and lasted for about 500 years.

According biblical chronology, the Flood would have started around 4,348 years ago, meaning the Ice Age would happened from 4,148 years ago to about 3,648 years ago.

Since that time, the earth has been slowing warming and the ice sheets and glaciers have been slowly melting, long before man’s industrial revolution and air pollution.

Democrats’ push of climate change has more to do with forcing their socialist agenda on the American people and world, and has little to do with real environmental science.



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