Sorbo: Morals are Falling but Biblical Films on Rise

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By Aaron Stern

Modern society may be in moral decline, but Hollywood seems to be warming up to telling Biblical tales.

That’s the take of Kevin Sorbo, the man who played the titular son of Zeus in the late ’90s TV show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.”

“Morals are declining and I don’t care if you’re religious or not. Morals are declining,” Sorbo told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “The country is going under. We’re getting worse and worse and everything is okay according to half the population in this country. Not everything is okay.”

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In his new movie, God’s Not Dead,” Sorbo plays a college philosophy professor who demands that his freshmen students accept that God is dead. If that seems like a far-fetched premise, Sorbo says there have been dozens of court cases that have dealt with such situations.

The movie is due out Friday, March 21, but it is already generating online buzz.

“The atheists are stirring up. You know, I find it interesting that people who don’t believe in something get so angry about it,” Sorbo said. “You’ve got extremes on both sides and I get it and I understand it.”

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