ACLU Files Hail Mary Request on Kim Davis Case

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The ACLU files a “Hail Mary” on the Kim Davis case.

Mat Staver: Well several weeks ago we reported on Faith and Freedom, and we put this in our press release, that the Kim Davis case was closed. It was over. It was done with. The Federal Court of Appeals agreed with us when we asked that the case be dismissed because the case had become moot. There was nothing further to do. Why?

Because the state legislature passed unanimously in the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, without a single vote in opposition, a law that would accommodate the religious freedom objections of people like Kim Davis and the other clerks in Kentucky. So that Kim Davis and others like her, who object to issuing marriage licenses under their name and authority and with their title, can actually remove their name, authority, and title from these marriage licenses. And therefore not be forced to associate their own name and title and office with same-sex marriage. That was signed by the governor…

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