ACLU, Federal Judge Add New Twist to Kim Davis Saga

A federal judge is calling for new action in the same-sex marriage conflict that took place in Kentucky.

The judge is ordering the state’s Democratic governor to weigh in on whether the altered marriage licenses issued by Rowan County clerk Kim Davis are valid.

Davis, who has been fighting for her religious freedom, was thrown in jail for five days at one point for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses.

Since then she’s changed the licenses to remove her name and to say they were issued under the authority of a federal judge.

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The American Civil Liberties Union thinks that undermines the validity of the licenses, calling it “a stamp of animus against the LGBT community.” They want the governor to force Davis to reissue them.

But a spokesman for the governor said the state considers the licenses valid.

Davis’s attorney, Jonathan Christman from the Liberty Counsel, calls the ACLU’s demand “extreme, unnecessary and improper,” saying the liberal group is trying to “needlessly create controversy where it does not currently exist.”

Report via CBN News

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