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The ACLU is at it again in the Kim Davis case. They want to hold Kim Davis in contempt of court. This time they say they don’t want her in jail, but they want the Federal Court to take control of the Rowan County Clerk’s Office, to put it in what they call “receivership” so they can manage the day-to-day operation by a federal judge as opposed to the elected official, Kim Davis.

Mat Staver: Matt, this just goes to show you that the ACLU has always been about getting Kim Davis’ scalp, and affixing it to the wall so that they could have her name and her official title, as the Rowan County Clerk, on a certificate, and put it on a wall. They really have no interest in the ultimate objective that they say is their objective, and that is to obtain a license. They want Kim Davis’ scalp on the wall.

And so now they’re upset that Kim Davis’ name is not on the certificate and that, in fact, her title is not on the certificate. They want that reversed and so now they’re asking Federal Court to hold her in contempt of court and literally take what they call “receivership” of the entire Rowan County Clerk’s Office. They literally want the Federal Judge to step into the shoes of the elected official and take over the control of the entire clerk’s office which is absolutely astounding.

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Matt Barber: Yea…unbelievable. They’re actually asking for this judge to usurp the authority of an elected official, an elected branch, something this judge would not have the authority to do here, simply because they want to force Kim Davis’ hand. They want to force her name to be on this application, these marriage licenses.

And that is what we’ve been saying all along, isn’t it Mat? That this was never really about so-called marriage equality, this is about silencing dissent and forcing those who those who embrace the recognition of the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, to cast aside that reality and affirmatively endorse the deconstruction and radical redefinition of marriage to make it something it cannot possibly be.

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