Abortions: Are They Safe?

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Pro-abortion supporters say abortions should be safe, legal and rare. Sadly, abortion is legal. Abortions are certainly not rare and abortion mills like Planned Parenthood don’t want abortion to be rare. Abortions are money in the bank.

Let’s look at the last one: Are they safe? Planned Parenthood says abortions are safe. I guess it’s all in how one looks at it or what it’s compared to. Is it safer than emergency open heart surgery? Probably. But we as a people have the statistics on deaths from open heart surgery and know exactly what the risks are going in. We do not, in America, have the statistics from the life threatening health problems, including psychological problems or even death from having an abortion. It’s the great American secret.

Amazingly, no one is required, by law, to report any statistic on abortions. Planned Parenthood nor any of the abortion mills are required to report it when a woman is sent to the hospital with a complication from an abortion. Hospitals are not required to report complications or a death resulting from a botched “legal and safe” abortion. And deaths DO happen. The reporting is done on a voluntary basis. I find that stunning since hospitals and clinics are required to report any and all problems stemming from all kinds of surgeries or medical procedures, even medication reactions and medication errors, but abortions are given a pass. Perhaps they don’t really want women to know the facts.

An exhaustive study was done by an investigative reporter named Kevin Sherlock, who poured over years of autopsy reports of women of reproductive age in California and records at the CDC. What he found was that only a fraction of the abortion complications and deaths were reported. The CDC’s abortion surveillance unit is run by working abortionists and they fought his investigation at every turn. With limited access, Sherlock was able to find that there were at least 40% more deaths related to abortion then were being reported. It’s so bad that if medical coders attempt to put in a code for death due to complication from abortion it is rejected by National Center for Health Statistics of Washington D.C. (a division of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia)

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Every medical treatment or procedure has a code number. If you have an ingrown toenail, there is a code for it for insurance billing purposes (ICD codes) and that code can be used to gather stats on ingrown toenails. There is a different code for each toe on both feet. Dying in a plane crash has 300 different code numbers covering everything from prop-planes to jets to hang-gliders and from accidental to homicide. Don’t confuse death in an aircraft with a death in space. That has it’s own code list.

However, dying from an abortion on planet Earth has NO code number that I could find. None. There is nothing that will lead back to this death being caused by an abortion. The death is listed as being caused by an embolism or hemorrhage. The words “due to abortion complication” are nowhere to be found.

Reporting it as a death from a complication of an abortion is completely voluntary. This is how the CDC and the government keeps women from knowing just how dangerous an abortion can really be. This is why America has no true numbers on just how many women really die from “safe” abortions. No abortion mill in their right mind would want that stat out there so they don’t report it.

To get any numbers of complications and far reaching problems both mental and physical we are forced to go check our European cousin’s statistics. I chose Finland and Denmark because they have done extensive studies on abortion and its aftermath.

Finland has free abortions but only allows them up to 12 weeks with some exceptions and they keep very good records. They compared women who had abortions to those who carry the baby to term, to those who have a natural miscarriage and to those who have no pregnancy at all. Finland followed up by documenting the long-term affects of having an abortion and found that often, that affect isn’t seen for years.

What they found was that 10% of women who have an abortion have an immediate medical complication and 2% of those complications are life-threatening. Keep in mind that abortions in Finland are done in hospitals and most are in the first trimester. An abortion in a non-hospital setting is illegal unless considered an emergency which is extremely rare. Illegal abortions are unheard of since any woman can go to the hospital and have it done for free.

In America, Planned Parenthood did about 350,000 abortions last year. If that 10% holds true, and I don’t know why it wouldn’t, that means that 35,000 of those women who had an abortion had some kind of immediate serious health problem and 700 of them were life threatening. We have no way of tracking how many out of that 700 actually died. We have no idea how many were left scarred and sterile afterwards. We have no idea how many died weeks or months later. There was a woman in Maryland who lapsed into a coma during her abortion and when she woke up four months later, she was a quadriplegic. She lived for three years before she died.

That 10% might even be low since abortions here, for the most part, are NOT done in a hospital setting. If an emergency occurs, they must be sent to a hospital, delaying life-saving treatment. Abortion clinics often demand that ambulances go to the back door with their lights and sirens off so as not to attract attention. It’s bad for business. They prefer to get them out the door on their own feet telling them to go to hospital if they can get away with it. Often, these women, bleeding profusely, are ashamed to tell the ER that they just had an abortion. I have no doubt the doctors know the handiwork of an abortionist without being told but aren’t allowed to report it.

Planned Parenthood has fought tooth and nail against the new laws that would require their clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital for emergencies. Most hospitals have refused them because they don’t want to leave their hospital open to law suits for a mess it didn’t make. Don’t think for one minute these hospitals don’t already see the messes abortion mills like Planned Parenthood make.

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Barbara J. Stock
Barbara Stock is a retired RN who is strongly pro-life at both ends of life's journey. Christian and conservative and proud of it. Mother of two grown sons and Grandmother of two. Barb has had two of her past columns picked up by Rush Limbaugh and one by Glen Beck. Absent from writing for a few years, she is back and has a lot to say.

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