Abortion v. Homicide – New York City Hypocrisy

Earlier this year, some buildings in New York City were lit up at night in pink as they celebrated their new law allowing abortion up to the time of birth and murder of the baby at the time of birth.

The city’s Democratic leadership prides itself on their pro-abortion stance.

At the same time, they continue to push strict gun control and would ban all private ownership of firearms if the courts allowed them to.

Their argument for gun control to save lives.

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Herein lies their blatant hypocrisy in that in 2015, New York City had 352 homicides and 1,485 late-term abortions (20 weeks or later).

CNS News – 1,485 vs. 352: Abortions at or After 21 Weeks Outnumbered Homicides in NYC – The number of babies aborted at a gestational age of 21 weeks or later in New York City in 2015 outnumbered homicide victims in that city that year by 1,485 to 352, according to the latest abortion data available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the homicide data for that year published by the New York Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

While there were approximately 0.96 people per day victimized by “murder and non-negligent manslaughter” in New York City in 2015, there were approximately 4.1 babies at 21-weeks gestational age or older who were aborted per day in the same city.

Despite this, the New York Times ran a story on Sunday that said abortions occurring at 21 weeks or later in the United States are “rare.” It referenced and linked to another story the Times had published on Feb. 6 that referred to abortions occurring at 21 weeks or later as “very rare.” …

How can anyone celebrate the fact that they murder more than 4 times the number of late-term babies than people murdered in the city?

I once asked a pro-abortionist who they could support the murder of unborn children and the lady simply responded that it’s easy since the unborn not seen.

I responded by saying that victims of a bombing or arson fire are not seen, so does that make it easy of justifiable?

The lady told me I was stupid and walked away.

I still contend that aborting a baby at any stage of development is first-degree murder because the mother makes a conscious decision to murder her baby.



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