Abortion Mill Begins Staff Training Between Elementary and Middle Schools

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An abortion mill begins staff training in the middle of an elementary and middle school.

Mat Staver: Well, staff training began several days ago as construction is completed, or nearing completion, on a new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic or abortion mill, frankly. That’s located in a Washington, D.C. area, right in between an elementary school on one side, and a middle school on the other side. This abortion facility is literally right in the midst of these young children.

Matt, this is absolutely unbelievable. We have clients that we actually represent. One of them who is a person who is there, on the public sidewalk, to give information to allow people to know what’s taking place, how dangerous this is, and what’s happening in the areas of the elementary and middle school. And now the school has actually filed suit against him and other picketers to stop him and others from revealing the information.

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Matt Barber: Well, and how would you feel as a parent? Your children are sent off to school where ostensibly the school district and the teachers and everyone will be caring for your children… 

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