Abortion Lobby’s Glitzy Marketing Effort #ShoutYourAbortion

Editor’s note: This is almost too horrible to imagine. #shoutyourabortion ? Really? Brag about killing your baby? This is the Left’s scheme to try and alleviate post-abortive women of their guilt and anxieties. But it will never work. The juries in. Ministries/organizations such as Silent No More educate that “abortion is harmful emotionally, physically and spiritually to women, men and families” and no number of brazen hashtags will eradicate that harm. God have mercy. Tami Jackson

By Lila Rose

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate failed to pass a law that would have prevented most abortions after babies are old enough to feel pain. It should sicken every American that our elected leaders have refused to protect our most vulnerable, even when science tells us these children can feel the intense pain of the abortionists’ tools tearing their arms and legs from their bodies.

Even more appalling is the abortion lobby’s glitzy marketing efforts designed to cover up the trauma and grief of post-abortive women wounded by Planned Parenthood. Just this week, the abortion business encouraged women to flaunt their abortions on social media with the hashtag: #ShoutYourAbortion.


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The euphemisms of Big Abortion, however, cannot hide the barbaric, horrific practice of tearing children limb from torso, and poisoning to death five-month, seven-month and even eight-month-old babies in the womb. 

Live Action has investigated the inhumanity of late-term abortions in our “Inhuman” investigation, which documents these horrific procedures in the abortionists’ own words. Watch this video from that investigation, which has millions of views and over 100,000 shares on Facebook:

The gruesome reality of these procedures is far from the feigned celebration Planned Parenthood and its allies wish to conjure up; and every senator who voted against the 20-week ban told the public loud and clear that they support this barbarism.

Share the video on Facebook. Forward this via e-mail. Have a conversation. Spread the truth about abortion, and be a voice for the preborn.

First published at Live Action

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