A Saudi Candy to America: A Saudi Sculpture and Flag Erected at the World Trade Center, Where 3,000 Americans Were Killed by Saudi Terrorists

A sculpture celebrating the Islamic dictatorship of Saudi Arabia had been erected on the World Trade Center grounds on December, near the 9/11 memorial site. The exhibit included a Saudi flag.

Shaped to resemble a piece of candy, the nine-foot-tall statue bore the Saudi emerald flag emblazoned with the Arabic inscription, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet.”

The Saudi exhibit at the World Trade Center raised questions because of longstanding accusations directed toward Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks. In 2003, hundreds of families affected by theses attacks sued Saudi Arabia over its alleged involvement in harboring terrorism — given that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. But the U.S. government squashed their suit.

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The Saudi exhibit was set to remain at the World Trade Center until Feb. 28. But after protests, U.S. officials said that the exhibit would move to another location in New York.

Move to another location? This is not enough to change the fact that the Saudi exhibit is an insult to the memory of 3,000 Americans who were victims of Saudi terror.

Usually, a rapist who rapes children firstly offers them a candy and next rapes them. Saudis first “raped” America — if you can call 9/11 a terrorist “rape” — and now they offer America a symbolic candy! Devilishly “nice,” isn’t it?

There is only a problem in this analogy. America is not a vulnerable child at the mercy of a Muslim rapist. America not only is unafraid of wars, but even likes them. So it is no surprise that U.S. right-wing and left-wing presidents have been notoriously warmongers, in a lesser or greater degree. A minor problem with America awakens her always ready war machine to invade.

Why has Saudi Arabia never been invaded?

What hinders U.S. presidents — from Bush to Obama to Trump — from giving Saudi Arabia exactly what it deserves is the fact that the Saudi Islamic dictatorship is the greatest buyer of U.S. heavy arms. If it were not for this fact, Saudi Arabia would have been long ago bombed and invaded — not to mention that the U.S. government — from Bush to Obama to Trump — would stop shielding Saudi Arabia from lawsuits from American relatives of the 3,000 victims of the Saudi attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

It seems that the America controlled by neocons can waste 3,000 American lives, provided that in return she — actually, the neocons — gets a massive amount of cash — which the Saudis have been dutifully doing by purchasing untold billions in U.S. heavy weapons. If America gets really concerned about 3,000 American lives lost, she loses the deal. If she prizes the Saudi deal, she gets cash and a symbolic candy.

Certainly, when Saudi Arabia runs out of cash, neocons will keep Saudi Arabia accountable for all its crimes.

Meanwhile, America will welcome Saudi symbolic candies, provided that Saudi Arabia keeps buying tons of U.S. heavy arms.

Yet, my analogy about Saudi rape is not far away from reality. A WND (WorldNetDaily) headline says everything: “5 Saudi students flee U.S. before rape, murder trial.” Such blatant impunity is not happening under Obama, but under Trump, after he sold to the Saudis over 100 billion in arms. High cash blinds — and America suffers exactly this blindness. And what hope is there for such nation when even her powerful televangelists are blinded by the Saudi money?

With information from Fox News and Observer.

Portuguese version of this article: Um doce saudita para os EUA: uma escultura e uma bandeira saudita erguida no World Trade Center, onde 3.000 americanos foram mortos por terroristas sauditas

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