A Killing in Colorado

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As you’ve undoubtedly heard, three people were killed and nine injured in an attack outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs. None of the clinic’s employees were harmed.

There was no moment of silence for the victims.

The shooter is, by all reports, an alienated, isolated, mentally disturbed individual, who rambles incoherently about all manner of government conspiracy. He has no political affiliation, and few if any friends.

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As he lived in a shack on a mountain with no electricity, it’s not clear how he might be one of the informed 30% who have ever heard of the Center for Medical Progress’ investigative footage of Planned Parenthood employees dissecting and selling the babies they’ve murdered in the womb for money.

Within about two seconds, before a fact was known, the accusations started to fly. If you’re a vocal critic of Planned Parenthood’s murder mill, prepare to be demonized. The Left, never ones to let facts get in the way of a narrative, hit the ground running:

Well, Planned Parenthood deserves every bit of rhetoric about “ghouls” and “killing babies;” but not violence, as civil people know; and as every Christian knows and is taught from birth.

I was tempted to say, like Obama did at a similar time, that there is “no excuse” for violence, BUT, the unrest could be tied to decades of social injustice to the unborn, infanticide of black babies, and unjust rulings that force innocent people like me to become complicit in murder by funding Planned Parenthood.

But Obama’s comments were inexcusable, so would mine be. NO CHRISTIAN could advocate for murder, or even tacitly support it. If he did, he would not be Christian.

Some missed that point. There was this interesting type of moral equivalence, for instance:


Over 4000 retweets. Wow. Apparently it is impossible to resist the opportunity to equate your average non-violent Christian with terrorist-enabling supporters of Sharia. Christians don’t face any fundamentalist pressure to engage in violent Jihad against those who disagree with them. Neither, in good faith, would I hold Dave Anthony to account for Dylann Roof’s behavior when that liberal shot nine black people in church. That would be stupid.

But blaming this horrible act on critics of Planned Parenthood may be more problematic than it seems. For one thing, if they blame “the videos” then more people will become aware of the videos. That would be a problem for those who want to keep the videos and their victims buried – hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, and speak-no-evil. Even calling the videos “heavily-edited and misleading,” makes people want to know more about them.

Most likely, they’ll go more with the gun angle. President Obama has already said “Enough is enough” about guns, like he always does when given the opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with that, since every time Democrats open their mouths about gun control people support them less and buy guns more.

There’s really only one thing to be done – pray for the victims, for their families and friends, help those in need, and administer justice on their behalf, whatever that turns out to be.

And if there is one honest take-away from this horror, it is this:


Feel free to RT that! Thanks, AOS. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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