A Few Moore Things About the Alabama US Senate Race


So, what happened in Alabama last night? I write these comments with the full understanding that Roy Moore has not conceded the race. With the military ballots flowing in, Democratic Senator-“elect” Doug Jones’s margin of victory will shrink. Alabama Law requires an automatic recount when a candidate wins by less than half of 1%.

So what happened? The dying, lying liberal media has not died yet, and they are desperately clawing their way to demonstrate what little political heft they retain. Hollywood is not relaxing its clutches on the cultural narratives either. The culture war is a long-standing fight, and while conservatives have achieved considerable victories, the unelected power brokers are not giving in. Roy Moore epitomized everything opposed by the GOP Establishment: a stern stance on pro-family values, opposition to gay marriage, open repudiation of Islam. Contrary to Coulter’s countering, Moore was excellent on immigration, pledging to enact every aspect of Trump’s enforcement agenda. Incumbent Strange refused to talk about immigration unless prodded to do so. To me, Moore’s strong stance on these contentious cultural issues were the real problem. After all, he was elected twice to the Supreme Court of Alabama, winning Statewide is a considerable victory.

This US Senate race was a national contest at a moment when the Democratic base is mad as hell, and willing to do anything to take back power. Money from the DNC, George Soros, Hollywood, and even GOP Establishment traitors flowed in. Add to that mix the Alabama and national media, and indeed, the “deck was stacked against him”, as the President tweeted last night.

Entrenched interests in Washington are not interested in Outsiders. Cronies on both sides of the aisle will go to every length possible to hold onto their enriching niche. In other instances, it’s the pride of the Washington Beltway which cannot bear to lose to the conservatives, so they will defy the base with a Democratic victory. Consider retiring US Senator Jeff the Flake, who wrote a check for $100 for Doug Baby-Killer Jones. Flake was a hardcore conservative in the House of Representatives. Washington politicking can change the most principled into a meandering watery centrist.

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Moore already had the stuff to avoid such queasy compromising, and that scared the political establishment, too.

The MAGA Battle is real, and it’s about a lot more than winning elections.

Let’s sum up what is not the cause for Moore’s loss. I do not blame Steve Bannon at all for putting his chips behind Moore. Three strong candidates competed in a contentious Republican primary (I endorsed Mo Brooks—and so has everyone else for his 2020 bid against Democrat Doug). With Moore versus embattled incumbent Luther Strange in the run-off,  every major outside conservative interest lined up behind Judge Roy.

I also don’t blame Judge Moore! He had sat down with McConnell during the general election. He worked it, he reached out, he made all the connections. He denounced the vicious smears published against him in the Washington Post. Alternative and Independent Media engaged in massive oppo research against the “victims”. They have a wider readership than the Washington Post.

We must give credit where due. The Democratic party threw in money, time, influence, and an extensive ground game. Reports indicate that Judge Roy Moore didn’t have the same political machinery behind him. Politics is not just about winning the media War. It’s all about mobilizing voters.

Now let’s discuss who is at fault for Moore’s sad loss.

  1. Disgraced former Alabama Governor Richard Bentley. This mas was already hiding his adulterous flirtations in the state house. He was under investigation from the Attorney General’s office for campaign irregularities. Political, he was a cornered, wounded animal seeking to protect himself at all costs. When Sessions’ seat opened up, he appointed Luther Strange, and right away war broke out between the Establishment and everyone else. Bentley should have appointed Mo Brooks and called it a day.
  2. Diminishing Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Republican voters are angry! The GOP promised Obamacare repeal, tax reform, the wall, mass deportation of illegal aliens, etc. The House is living up to its promises, but the Senate routinely stalls. Instead, McConnell and Company want to play the same old backroom wheeling and dealing that gets them and their donors rich, while the rest of us pay the bill. McConnell doesn’t want to tangle with the culture wars, either, despite the populist movement for reasserted nationalism.
  3. NRSC Chairman US Senator Cory Gardner. He serves at the pleasure of the Majority Leader, but he blatantly threw Moore under the bus and refused to support him. That dampened Republican turnout on so many levels.

Where do we go from here?

Frankly, I am not worried. There are a number of silver linings to this Yellowhammer dark cloud. The US Senate faces increased pressure to pass tax reform (Luther Strange will remain until next January). Moore has not conceded yet, which may force recounts and lawsuits, thus delaying Jones’ assignments. Let’s hope that Judge Roy Moore does pursue a contested analysis of the results. Some of the outcomes in key counties are too close, lopsided heavily in favor of the Democratic candidate. There are reasons to challenge the results.

Then there’s a broader argument to consider: we need to restore constitutionalism to our federal government, as originally intended and outlined by the Framers. How can a white, male version of Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren get elected in a religious, traditional state with fervent attachment to our nation’s Judeo-Christian values? Because US Senators are directly elected by the mercurial popular vote, which doesn’t have its fingers on the political pulse over six years. The Framers intended US Senators to represent the states … and to be elected by the legislatures. We need a national discussion about repealing the 17th Amendment and assuring that long-standing elected officials represent the proper interests of the several states.

Other than that, let’s live and pray to fight another day. Roll Tide!


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Arthur Schaper
Arthur Christopher Schaper is the Organization Director for MassResistance, the international pro-family group that makes a difference. A blogger, writer, and commentator on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal and life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance.

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