A Conscience To Sleep With

My soul is prepared! How is yours?”

―Kazim to Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade”

Scenario: You’re standing in the delivery room in the maternity ward of your local hospital. A woman has just given birth to a baby girl. The umbilical cord is still attached as the doctor gently places the newborn on her mother’s chest.

Question: Would you do anything to harm that baby?

I’m confident no one except the evil would let the thought enter their head. Why? Because inside each of us is a strong inhibition brought on by religion, a good upbringing, or at least some inkling of what’s right and wrong.

So why does anyone accept killing a baby who is separated by mere layers of skin and a birth canal?

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We’ve let ourselves look away from the truth.

A few years ago Mrs. Cummings and I had dinner with a couple who is very close to us. We hit on the topic of teen pregnancy and what we would do if it were to happen to one of our daughters. While their questions were not delivered in a vindictive manner, they did try to corner me. The conversation went something like this:

“What if one of your daughters gets pregnant?”

“It would be difficult but we’d manage.”

“You mean you’d make her go through the pregnancy?”


“What if she were raped?”

“That’s awful, but the baby still lives.”

“You’d put her through all that?”

“Yes, the baby lives.”

Since the intentional killing of a baby outside the womb is considered murder, the term abortion – the intentional killing of a baby inside the womb – should fall under the same definition. But until conservatives take back at least part of mainstream language to the degree as Democrats, we’re limited to that word in the standard lexicon.

Fine. It’s not like people don’t know what happens during the abortion “procedure” anyway, right?


This and many other videos are vital tools in the struggle to convince people of the barbarism inherent in making a woman go from pregnant to not pregnant. The images and videos you can easily find elicit visceral responses in me; I doubt I’m alone.

“Sure, it’s unpleasant,” Democrats say, “but what if…?”

Democrats are fond of this game, so let’s play.

Question: What if the girl/woman becomes pregnant from a rape?

Answer: The baby lives

Question: What if the girl/woman becomes pregnant from a family member who molested her?

Answer: The baby lives

Question: What if the life of the mother is at stake?

Answer: There is no medical case in which a baby’s death will save the life of her mother. In addition, measures taken to save the life of a mother that may result in the death of the baby do not constitute abortion. In any case, the baby lives.

Do you see where I’m going with this? The minute we concede the “What if” game, we’re admitting there may be wiggle room with life – and there isn’t any. Defaulting to “the baby lives” allows us to remain confident in the knowledge that we’re protecting innocent life.

And once we settle the issue of what happens to the baby inside the womb, we can move to settling the issue of what happens to the baby once she takes her first big gulp of cool, fresh, and delicious air.

Of course there are unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, but why does the only solution seem to be taking another life? Why can’t we default to adoption? Speaking of which, if we must give taxpayer dollars to fund abortions — $500,000,000 annually to Planned Parenthood – shouldn’t we give at least that much to fund adoption services? There are hundreds of couples paying $30,000-40,000 to bring a baby into their home. They could use the help, too.

I am a sinner. When I die, I will have to answer to God for the bad things I’ve done and the good things I haven’t done. When that happens and if I get the chance to plead my case for why I should be let into heaven, God will never be able to say I didn’t stand up for His most innocent creation.

In other words, I aim for a clear conscience. We all should.

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