A Complete Miscarriage of Justice

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Mat Staver: A complete miscarriage of justice was handed down with the decision of the Court of the Judiciary suspending for the rest of his term, frankly removing, Chief Justice Roy Moore as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The case is on appeal. Our guest today is Chief Justice Roy Moore. Welcome to Faith and Freedom Chief Justice.

CJ Roy Moore: Thank-you sir and it’s nice to be with you.

Mat Staver: I want to continue to follow up some of these questions we have regarding the state and federal courts here. And I also want, before we even get to that, focus on one issue so people can get their minds wrapped around how bad this decision is.

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There were six charges. Charge #6 said that you should not have participated in a March 2016 opinion. Now, in order to have a charge, the JIC, in order to activate has to have a verified complaint, must vote on it within 70 days, if they vote to investigate it must notify you. If they notify you that they’re investigating to verify complaint they have to…

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