A Collision of Faith and Freedom

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We’ve been talking about Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk. Kim Davis, of course, has been on the news not only in America, but all over the world with regards to the collision, and the decision she had to make with respect to, on the one hand, her deeply held religious convictions, and on the requirement that she issue licenses that authorize marriages that are contrary to god’s definition of marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

Matt Barber: Well Roger, what we did to avoid this before we even got back to the contempt charges is we asked for the judge in the case to stay his order. Once he issued the injunction that required Kim to issue the licenses, we asked him to stay his order pending the appeal, because this case has never been litigated before. It’s a brand new issue. It’s different than the Supreme Court ruling on marriage, which that a whole other issue to debate on another day.

This is an ask for an accommodation of her faith. And we have seen those accommodations, not just in this, but in all different areas of life where, if there’s an option, an alternative to accommodate somebody’s faith, without forcing them to make these tough decisions and still achieve in your ultimate objective then you oughta accommodate their faith. So that is what this case was about, and is about: accommodation of her deeply held religious convictions.

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The judge didn’t stay his decision. He did however stay it temporarily until August 31st. We asked the Supreme Court eventually to stay it, and they did not stay it either. So, that stay expired on August 31, and on September 1 she was then forced with this injunction which forced her to make this decision. And that’s what ultimately wound up in court 48 hours later, where she was before the judge for a contempt hearing on civil fines, not on incarceration.

But it seems as though there was an intent, or an idea that she might have been incarcerated from the very beginning, at least by the judge because he had already ordered summoned with his office the jailer to be there on site. And so you’re in the courtroom and the judge then nods to the marshals and they come and take Kim Davis into custody.

Roger Gannam: Yea…it was really obvious to anyone in that courtroom that this was all pre-arranged. the judge gave his signal, whatever that was, the marshals mobilized, even before he had announced that Kim Davis was going to be taken into custody, they were all getting into place. So as soon as he uttered those words the marshals immediately back to a holding cell, out of the courtroom and left us in there to continue defending her without her being there…

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