When a Church Rejects the Authority of Scripture: A Seminary President Gone Bad


In 2004 I interviewed Dr. Norman Kansfield, president of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary (Reformed Church in America), who was about to get sacked by the RCA synod for performing a “gay marriage” for his daughter:

A ministry of 39 years may soon be brought to an end for Dr. Norman Kansfield — a theologian and seminary president who has joined other modern, mainline Protestant ministers in turning from the law of God to follow the promptings of his heart.

This summer, Kansfield, president of the New Brunswick Theological Seminary (Reformed Church in America), went to Massachusetts with his daughter and officiated at a “marriage” between her and her lesbian partner — an action that could result in his dismissal from the ministry.

“His actions have caused a tremendous uproar in the church,” said Rev. Steve Vander Molen, president of the RCA’s General Synod. “We’ll have to deal with it.”

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I am posting this today because I want to make it clear to everyone that the Roman Catholic Church is very, very far from being the only church with leaders who reject God’s laws and the clear teaching of the Scriptures. As a high official of the United Methodist Church once told me, “The first thing I learned in seminary was that the Bible is not God’s word.” That remark still makes me shudder.

The rot of this evil age has set into many churches in many denominations. Many of us have given up on the whole idea of an organization called a “church.” And many of us haven’t. Let’s face it: if you’ve got two or more people in it, it’s an organization, however disorganized it may appear to be.

As Ben Franklin once said, “We must all hang together, or surely we will hang separately.”

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