A Brazilian Neocon?

The best explanation about neocons’ intent was given by conservative writer Michael Savage, who said in WND (WorldNetDaily):

“The neocons… thrive on military conflict. When the world is at war, the neocons and the defense contractors who work with them make enormous amounts of money. The neocons don’t care which side you’re on, as long as they can work with you to create a political situation that they can grow into a war from which they will profit.”

What is their concern now? Whom are they accusing now?

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“If Trump is elected, you will have the Russians… in the White House. Trump’s advisers are very connected to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Trump himself has many ties as well and is friends with Putin. This is why Putin will try to sabotage Clinton with leaked emails, etc.,” said the Trevor Loudon blog.

Neocons are displeased with Trump and his Russian ties. Loudon also is displeased, because he is a neocon.

Michael Savage said that neocons have been provoking Putin and Russia for decades.

Loudon is anti-Trump because he is anti-Russia.

I would understand the neocon obsession against Russia in the Soviet times. But why now? The Soviet Union has been extinct for over 25 years and the current Russia is more friendly to traditional values. Russia has been fighting conservative battles at the United Nations.

Loudon is a New Zealand author who was revealed to America through Catholic neocon Cliff Kincaid.

The Trevor Loudon blog has praised Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho in several posts. Incidentally, Carvalho is the most prominent anti-Russian activist in Brazil, even though he is an immigrant in the U.S.

But anti-Russian feelings are not the only ties connecting Loudon and Carvalho. There are spiritual ties too. Loudon is a follower of the Zenith Applied Philosophy (ZAP), which is a combination of Scientology, Eastern mysticism and the ideas of the American John Birch Society. The result of this combination is anti-communist esotericism.

Loudon said, “I have studied at Z.A.P. from 1976 to 1982, 1986/7 and 1999 to current. I am enjoying my studies immensely at the moment and plan to continue indefinitely.”

Ian Brackenbury Channell, known as The Wizard of New Zealand, had also attended meetings at the same ZAP of Loudon.

The Wizard of New Zealand and Loudon were among the most prominent members of ZAP.

This background can help you to understand Loudon’s conservative activism.

Don Hank, an American conservative evangelical, said, “An evangelist whose meetings my father and I attended held sermons in a big circus tent and warned people that if John F. Kennedy were elected, the pope would be in the White House. Under Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood was in the White House and Huma Abedin was Hillary’s adviser. Loudon’s anti-Trump attacks are driving conservatives to vote for Hillary. There is no such thing as a conservative Hillary supporter. Trevor is not a conservative. Neocons are not conservatives.”

In the Soviet times, it would be suicide to have a pro-Russia Trump in the White House. But considering that even a Catholic like John F. Kennedy has already occupied the White House, what is the problem with a pro-Russia Trump in the White House in a time when Russia advocates conservatism?

Loudon has been praised by Olavo de Carvalho as, “by far, the world’s greatest specialist in communist hegemony.”

An esotericist who is the greatest anticommunist specialist against Russia when the Soviet Union died over 25 years ago?

Is this an esoteric, gnostic alliance against Trump and Russia?

By the way, Carvalho has spiritual qualities that would never let an esotericist like Loudon down. He has been for decades an admirer of René Guénon, a Catholic French who had converted to esoteric Islam.

In fact, Carvalho translated into Portuguese one of Guénon’s books. He helped found in Brazil the first tariqa, an Islamic esoteric center that teaches a kind of Muslim witchcraft, and one of his sons is an active Muslim. Even though he seems today to reject partially some of those past experiences, many of his articles praise and recommend Guénon.

Carvalho also founded the first school of astrologers in Brazil.

Loudon has proved that it is possible for an esotericist to be a neocon. Is Carvalho a neocon too? At least his geopolitical viewpoints are largely neocon.

But it is not only Loudon and Carvalho who are displeased with Trump’s Russian ties. According to DailyMail and the Associated Press, Obama rebuked Trump for “idolizing his role model” Putin.

I wonder if Obama is also a neocon esotericist.

“If Trump is elected, you will have the Russians… in the White House,” said the Trevor Loudon blog. I wonder what Obama, Loudon and Carvalho will do to protect America from Russian conservatism.

Portuguese version of this article: Um neocon brasileiro?

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