9th Circuit Court Says Trump Administration Can Send Asylum Seekers Back to Mexico

With Democrats trying to welcome all of Mexico, Central and South America, over 1,000 illegals are being apprehended each day.

They are detained, processed and handed a court date to appear for their asylum status and then released into the US, where they fail to show up for their court hearings.

To avoid releasing the illegals into the US, the Trump administration wanted to send the asylum seekers back to Mexico until their court dates, but Democrats got a judge to block the move.

The Trump administration appealed and to my great surprise, the most liberal court in the land, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Trump administration, allowing them to send asylum seekers back to Mexico.

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Fox News – Appeals court allows Trump administration to send back asylum seekers to Mexico to wait out court process – The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals late Tuesday granted the Trump administration’s request to send asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait out court proceedings temporarily.

The court order reversed a decision by a San Francisco judge that would have blocked the policy — giving President Trump a temporary victory on immigration.

The case must still be considered on its merits at a lower court in San Francisco and could end up at the Supreme Court.

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg ruled April 8 that the policy should be halted while a lawsuit, filed on behalf of 11 asylum applicants and several other organizations, proceeds…

It’s common knowledge throughout Mexico, Central and South America that in order to get into the United States is claim asylum and that you are escaping violence.

It’s also common knowledge among members of the Border Patrol and immigration officials.

The vast majority of asylum seekers aren’t really seeking asylum as much as they are using it as a ploy to enter and stay in the US.



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