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“California State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, and her fellow progressives, created the first law in the nation, dubbed the “Yes means Yes law”, intended to address alleged catastrophic sexual assault rates on college campuses by requiring on-going consent among partners.

There are several aspects of this attempt to get government back in the bedroom that are quite literally insane.

First, the law does nothing to get around the age-old problem of “he said/she said” and the phenomenon of “morning after regret”. That is to say, who can prove or disprove consent was given in the first place?

Second, the law does not and cannot possibly define consent.

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Third, although the law attempts to indicate a woman who is intoxicated cannot legally give consent, it does nothing to address the root of the problem in this day and age. That is, it does nothing to discourage the phenomenon of the “hook-up culture” on campuses that promotes sex among intoxicated strangers in the first place.

So, in their attempt to address this problem on college campuses, where do progressives go from here? Kindergarten!

Activists, including Alejandra Melgoza, University of California at Santa Barbara Take Back the Night Coordinator, are now demanding that children as young as 5 years old be taught about consensual sex in an effort to head off college campus sexual assault. These sex activists believe it is too late to teach somebody to “keep their hands to themselves” by the time they reach college age!

The impetus for this movement arose from some phony statistics being bandied about by radical feminists like Senator Jackson and the Obama Administration that claimed that 20% of women in college were sexual assault victims. The truth, according to a recent report issued by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, is that student sexual assault rates are lower than for non-college students.

The real college assault rate is 0.61%, admittedly still too high, but nowhere near the 20% figure that prompted the Yes Means Yes law, and this ridiculous trend to continually expose and over-sexualize our children. As bad as this all is, something even more dangerous and evil lies ahead as we discuss the concept of consent.

Sex activists, academics and so-called relationship experts are demanding that our laws be changed to permit consent among willing partners regardless of the age and relationship status of the participants. Specifically, they are asking for laws to be changed in order to facilitate inter-generational sex, a euphemism for pedophilia!

Actual conferences are being held in America and in Europe to decriminalize and destigmatize such relationships. And, as I previously reported, attorneys representing the Los Angeles Unified School District actually argued in court that a 14- year-old girl was capable of giving consent in a sexual relationship with her 28 year old teacher and that therefore, the school district was not liable for what happened between “consenting” partners!

Not to be outdone, a judge in Australia, and a rapper here in America, are now arguing that incest is also getting an unnecessary bad rap these days!

First published in the Santa Barbara News Press

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