9/11 and the Coward Killing by Muslims

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Today is the day when 15 years ago the United States suffered the biggest Islamic terror attack in its history. Over 3,000 innocent Americans were cowardly killed.

It should be sadly remembered also that after 9/11 U.S President George W. Bush visited a mosque to say that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Besides, even knowing that the terrorists were Saudis, he did not invade and attack Saudi Arabia. He invaded Iraq, which was made into a scapegoat to save the Saudi king.

Bush did a good pro-life work. But, about Islam, he was not different from Obama: Both treated Islam as a religion of peace. Apparently, Bush’s glorification of Islam as a peaceful ideology made way for the first U.S. president with a full Islamic name: Barack Hussein Obama.

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Bush’s unnecessary invasion of Iraq provoked untold suffering to the old Iraq Christian community, which was reduced from over 2,000,000 to less than 400,000. Bush could have received those persecuted Christians as refugees in the United States — persecuted by Muslims enraged over his war. But, instead he received thousands and thousands of Islamic “refugees.”

Who cares about Christians? Not the U.S. government, which provokes wars that bring persecution to them and, as Pilate, washes its hands.

More Iraq Christians were killed in the hands of the followers of the religion of peace, as a result of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, than Americans were killed in the hands of those followers in 9/11.

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