87% of Americans DON’T Want Free Medicare for All If Means Giving Up Private Insurance

The first real push for any kind of national healthcare system started with then First Lady Hillary Clinton, but her efforts never really got that much support.

By the time Barack Obama decided to illegally run for the White House, the cost of healthcare had skyrocketed, so it was easier to force a national socialized healthcare plan on the American people.

At the time, over 70% opposed the Affordable Care Act, which has turned out to be an utter failure as it only really helped the poor at the expense of the middle and upper class healthy adults.

Now, socialist Democrats are trying to push free Medicare for all, that is so free, it will cost at least $3 trillion a year.

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Some of socialists pushing this are claiming that the majority of Americans what free Medicare for all, but, like so many of their other claims, is a lie.

The Epoch Times – Only 13 Percent Want ‘Medicare for All’ If It Means End of Private Insurance – Just 13 percent of Americans would support the idea of “Medicare for All” if the proposal, as it is currently written, terminated the private health insurance industry, according to a survey by The Hill and HarrisX published on Feb. 7.

“Medicare for All” is a socialist policy proposal that would transition the United States health insurance industry to a single-payer system where the government is the sole insurance provider. The policy is being promoted by the Democratic Socialists of America. In 2018, a total of 124  House Democrats co-sponsored a Medicare For All bill.

Many Democrats who pushed for Medicare-for-All-style proposals on the state level balked after discovering the prohibitive cost of the legislation. A bill in North Carolina was killed after lawmakers were told it would cost $70 billion a year. Democrats in California pulled a similar bill after failing to find a way to fund the $400 billion price tag. Leftists in Vermont gave up on a single-payer bill after learning it would eat up 88 percent of the state budget…

Free healthcare has not worked in Canada as they see their taxes to support the program steadily increase and their coverage decrease.

Free healthcare is not working in the United Kingdom either, as, like Canada, taxes go up, coverage goes down and it takes 7-8 months get needed surgeries scheduled.

Free healthcare is not working in socialist Venezuela as thousands of pregnant women cross the dangerous border into Colombia to have their babies.

Yet, this is what socialist Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are wanting to force on the American people.



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