77% US Voters See Syrian Refugees as Threat to National Security

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By Dave Jolly

A week ago, I reported that several governors announced that they would not accept Syrian refugees into their states. In just a week’s time, nearly half of the governors have joined in to refuse Syrian refugees being relocated in their states. Additionally, the House passed a bill to close the doors to Syrian refugees until such a time when they can be fully vetted.

Also in the past week, five Syrian single men were arrested by the Honduran police. They were traveling to the US using stolen Greek passports. That report came around the same time that 8 more Syrians were arrested after they tried to illegally enter the US in the Laredo, Texas area. Also in the past week, Border Patrol agents arrested five Pakistani and one Afghan trying to illegally enter the US near Sonoita, Arizona. These are just the ones caught. It makes one ask how many more potential Muslim terrorists have successfully entered our country?

In the latest Rasmussen Reports Poll, they found that 60% of likely American voters opposed settling Syrian refugees in their state. Only 28% favored the acceptance of Syrian refugees in their state and 11% couldn’t make up their mind.

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When asked if they agreed with Obama’s plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees to come to America 63% said they oppose Obama’s plan. Only 23% said they favored Obama’s plan and 14% were undecided.

When asked if they believe allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees into America poses a threat to national security, 77% said they were concerned. Breaking it down further, 52% said they were very concerned. Only 21% said they weren’t concerned by any threat to our national security.

I don’t remember who it was, but I recall hearing a supposed national security expert say that there was only a 0.1% likelihood that an ISIS terrorist could pass through the vetting process. If that’s close to being accurate, than consider the fact that 0.1% of 10,000 is 10. The Paris attacks were carried out by 8 terrorists who killed 132, wounded 368 of which 80-99 were seriously injured. Other terrorist attacks that killed numerous people involved less than 10 attackers so if just 10 members of ISIS managed to slip through the vetting process, you can be assured that a number of Americans will probably die, but hey, Obama doesn’t care.

However, in typical dictatorial fashion, Barack Obama is ignoring the will of the American people, state governors and Congress just so he can bring more of his fellow Muslims into OUR country. Just like his insistence on keeping thousands of convicted felon illegals in the US and allowing then to walk free in our neighborhoods, Obama cares nothing for the American people. With his constant fight against all voter ID and other efforts to block voter fraud, Obama sees them as potential voters in 2016 even though they cannot legally vote.

Our Founding Fathers purposely established a form of government that was supposed to do the will of the people. Our Representatives, Senators and President were supposed to listen to the people. Sadly, that was lost a long time ago as the federal government grew into an obese all-consuming monster, but Obama doesn’t even care about that monster. He is intent of doing HIS will no matter how illegal or dangerous it is.
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